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    Posted on May 13, 2017

    19 Times Gene Belcher Was The Best Character In "Bob's Burgers"

    "Can I just say one thing? I think I have the best legs and smoothest bottom in this family."

    1. He knows exactly what he wants:

    2. He can work any iconic look:

    3. He's open about his health concerns:

    4. He values friendship:

    Fox Network / Via

    5. He knows how to have fun:

    Fox Network / Via

    6. He offers a lot of wisdom:

    Fox Network

    7. He's almost definitely fully aware of what he's saying:

    Fox Network / Via

    8. He's pretty:

    9. He has excellent foresight:

    Fox Network / Via

    10. He knows his strengths:

    Fox Network / Via

    11. He's very knowledgeable:

    Fox Network / Via

    12. He knows what's most important in life:

    Fox Network / Via

    13. He loves and accepts his family for who they are:

    14. But he also knows how to deliver a sick burn when needed:

    15. He has absolutely no secrets:

    16. Well, maybe a few...

    17. And he honestly delivers the best one-liners:

    Fox Network / Via

    18. The best one-liners of any show, really:

    Fox Network / Via

    19. Most of all, his self-confidence is an inspiration to us all:

    Fox Network / Via

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