19 Pictures Of Possums That Are Strangely Relatable


    1. When there's free food.

    2. When Netflix and chill gets a little passé.

    3. When you eat dinner with your whole family in front of the telly.

    4. When you get an email saying someone's brought cake to the office and it's by the coffee machine.

    5. When you're so cute that people randomly giving you flowers is a common occurrence that doesn't faze you.

    6. When your flatmate starts talking to you the moment you get in from work but you need at least 30 mins to just unwind.

    7. When you forgot to get your S.O. a Valentine's day gift and need to improvise quickly.

    8. When you got unexpectantly drunk the night before so you just decide to give up on being healthy for the rest of the day.

    9. When you lie just a little bit on your tinder profile in hopes of getting more matches.

    10. When you decide to just treat yourself and take yourself out for a nice fancy dinner.

    11. When you accidentally take a wrong turn and end up somewhere you're definitely not supposed to be.

    12. When you're just having a normal day and suddenly remember the crippling burden of existence.

    13. When you forget why you went into a particular room so you just stand there for a bit.

    14. When you're drunk and trying to make food quietly at 2am and your flatmate comes in to tell you to be quiet.

    15. When you get caught doing something you know you shouldn't be doing.

    16. When you overhear someone say something in a conversation that is just plain wrong but you can't correct them because you don't know them and that would be weird.

    17. When the work Christmas party is super awkward but you still attend because you don't want to seem like a scrooge or party pooper.

    18. When you just want to make someone's day a little better.

    19. When you and your friends are nice and polite and just having a good time.