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17 People Who Didn't Try And Failed, Unsurprisingly

You get out what you put in, which in this case, is failure.

1. Whoever thought this was a great solution:

2. This guy's attempt to flirt:

I hung out with this guy a couple times last semester and this morning he tried to snapchat me and a bunch of other girls but accidentally started a huge groupchat and

3. This foodie:

No one has fucked up harder than this person

4. This guy's career:

Job: "Social Media Participant"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

5. This girl's fake ID:

Pretty sure I just received the best fake ID of my bartending career; a girl handed me my missing license from 2 years ago

6. This guy's attempt at being anti-gay:

7. This guy who tried to make a point, and succeeded in becoming a perfect metaphor:

Proud Boy in Seattle finds a sign he doesn't like during #MayDay & tries with all his might to rip it up. It doesn't work out. [h/t @nategowdy] #MayDaySea

8. The person who wrote this headline:

In case you were wondering, the refrigerator-sized rocks that may occur at the Kilauea summit are in deed fridge-sized. #KilaueaHeadlineFails #pleasestopsayingSpew

9. Whoever designed this advert:

Math is hard. Don't let it get you down.

10. This student:

I turned in my paper to my professor last night and this morning I realized I forgot to change the title...hows your day going?

11. The New York transport system:

someone just put down a fresh coat of yellow paint on the subway platform edge....... at 9:30 on a wednesday morning. this platform is going to be a mess of yellow footprints by the end of the day. what is going on

12. Whoever's job it was to give clear and simple directions:

Also one train always tells the truth and the other train always lies

13. Whoever is trying to encourage teens to read:

14. This person's attempt to be hateful:

15. This list of achievements:

Stellar work by Ilford Conservatives here.

16. This guy, who actually probably tried a little too hard tbh:

Play it cool it cool......

17. And finally, this cat:

when you do the bare minimum so you can honestly say "i tried"

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