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    19 Tumblr Posts That Prove Pets Are Too Pure For This World

    "Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my cat's foot and need to be arrested."

    1. Every interaction with them is like a blessing.

    2. Especially if it's with a cat.

    Because approval from a cat = ultimate approval.

    3. Even when it's only the smallest of interactions.

    See a dog = the day is considerably improved. See two dogs = best day ever.

    4. Their tiny paws were probably crafted by angels.

    5. And they're perfect because they think you are, too.

    6. They're completely incapable of negative thoughts.

    7. Because they are just too pure for this world.

    8. We know that and we should respect that.

    9. They can be a little bit difficult at times.

    10. And, frankly, some of their behaviour is completely inexplicable.

    11. But their presence is always a comfort.

    12. And you feel more loyal to them than perhaps they are to you.

    13. You're incredibly proud of them and want to share the joy of their existence with the rest of the world.

    14. Knowing that someone else will soon know the love you and your pet have is a joy in itself.

    15. They're always happy for you and ready to support you.

    16. You would sacrifice your own comfort for theirs.

    17. You experience separation anxiety when you're away from them.

    18. And they experience it when they're away from you.

    19. Every pet is the best pet in the world and you know this to be a fact.