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    Posted on Sep 10, 2016

    22 Tumblr Posts You'll Relate To If You're Not A Raging Party Animal

    "That NYE party was so lame, it had nothing to do with Bill Nye."

    1. This perfect illustration:

    2. This acute sense of oneness with everything:

    3. This excellent party track:

    4. This pressing question:

    5. This smooth save:

    6. This perfect guest list:

    7. When you realise you don't know anyone else at the party:

    8. How every family party feels:

    9. How literally every family party ends:

    10. This sweet relief:

    11. This disappointment:

    12. This other terrible disappointment:

    13. This experience, that is awkward for everyone involved:

    14. This cop-out:

    15. This other, more brilliant cop-out:

    16. When you're just trying to share you excellent music recommendations:

    17. This reasonable request:

    18. This fair summary:

    19. How every good party ends:

    20. This really great host:

    21. This great party trick:

    22. The purest, best part of every party:

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