17 Times Cows Were Relatable AF

    Get ready to relate to some cows.

    1. After you've had a bath and blow-dried your hair and feel clean and pure again:

    2. When someone comes over unexpectedly after you've already changed into your pyjamas:

    3. When your friend is a lot drunker than you are:

    4. When someone wants you to do something but you don't want to so you literally just refuse to move:

    5. When the kids are acting up so you have to be stern:

    6. When your friend does something stupid and you have to document it so you can use it against them later:

    7. When you try to find your way to some new place without Google Maps:

    8. When you pause for a moment to reflect on your past mistakes and how you got to your present situation:

    9. When you get home and finally get to take your bra off:

    10. When nature blessed you in every way:

    11. When you're not sure how you managed to fuck up so much:

    12. When you finally get your first car and need a sweet new profile pic:

    13. When you just want to have some fun but life has other plans for you:

    14. When you didn't stop after the 10th biscuit like you said you would and just ate the whole packet, and then there's nothing left to do but sit and think about what you've done.

    15. When your friend's mum won't let them go out:

    16. When the water is colder than you expected:

    17. When you and your friends go on a group holiday and finally get to the beach: