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11 Ways Make-Up Was So Much Worse In The '00s

Documenting the transition from sperm brows to scouse brows.

1. YouTube wasn't launched until 2005, so if you wanted to learn how to create a look, you basically just had to wing it.

With no guidance, you were left to fend for yourself.

Often with terrible consequences.

Those terrible consequences may have had something to do with this.

Maybelline / Via

Never again.

Now, everyone seems to know what took so many of us so long to figure out โ€“ how to match their foundation to their skin.

Sige para walang bashers hahahahaha #PowerOfMakeup ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

2. Back in the '00s, contouring wasn't something people did on a regular basis, if at all.

The '00s did have bronzer though, which, like many things during this glorious decade, had a tendency to make you orange and glittery.

Jeff Vespa / Getty

Perhaps* we will all collectively look back on the contouring epidemic in 10 years' time and cringe.

3. If you had darker or yellow-toned skin, then '00s make-up didn't make you orange โ€“ it probably didn't make you anything, because most high-street brands just didn't cater to you.

Buena Vista Pictures

Now, at last, companies are beginning to realise that there are more shades than "medium beige"!! There are even UNDERTONES!

4. And can we talk about sperm brows?

Although perhaps the pendulum has now swung too far the other way: Instead of over-plucking, it's now over-drawing.

KPG_Payless / Shutterstock / Via

But that's alright, because it has also given us dog eyebrows, a real thing that you can buy.

5. Lipliner was inexplicably several shades darker than the rest of your lip colour back in the '00s.

Steve Granitz / Getty

6. But now it has been revived as the secret to life-changing transformations.

Thanks, Kylie.

7. In the '00s, everything was applied either with your fingers or these guys.

Sasimoto / Thinkstock

Now, make-up brushes are the needy babies in your life that need to be bathed and laid to bed regularly.

After cleansing my make up brushes and sponges I leave them to dry on the window ledge #makeup #Makeupbrushes

8. Skincare has gone from rubbing your face raw with tiny soapy beads...

St Ives / Via a 12-step sacred ritual.

My detailed skincare routine #beautybloggers #beautytips #skincareroutine #cosmeticsfollowers #rosedamascena

9. False nails were big in the '00s.

Kevin Winter / Getty

But now, they've evolved into a new form of potentially lethal high art.

10. R.I.P body glitter.

Now, highlighter is your preferred method of reflecting light.

Body glitter > highlighter? Discuss.

11. But one thing hasn't changed: Make-up is about making yourself feel good.

Logo TV

So if you truly love it, use all the Dream Matte Mousse and apricot scrub your heart desires.

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