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23 Things You'll Understand If Your Family Live Far Away

"CAN YOU HEAR ME?" "Yes Grandma you don't need to shout."

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1. You either grew up in a different country from the rest of your extended family.

4. In the '90s this mostly meant using these call cards.


6. And you would get that awkward bit where you all have to pass around the phone.


So that every combination of family members would get a chance to wish each other whatever reason it is you're calling each other for.


11. And are unaware at what distance they should hold whatever device they're using from their face.

14. You've probably gotten really good at figuring out time differences.

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Although you still occasionally wake your grandparents up in the middle of the night if you've been rubbish and forgot to call earlier. Even if it's only 4pm your time.

15. But it gets super difficult when you take into account that not every country adjusts their clocks to summer/winter time.

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So in the winter there is a six hour time difference, in the summer it's five.

16. And if you get a phone in the middle of time you know it's probably your grandma, who forgot she lives in a time zone six hours ahead of you.


At least it means you have someone you can always call in the middle of the night, too.


20. You've come to accept that no S.O. will ever get to meet your grandparents unless they're really fucking special.


Or if they have enough spare cash and free time laying about to travel halfway across the world.