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    18 Times You Feel Compelled To Cry If You're Very Sensitive

    These are like rites of passage for sensitive people.

    1. The "I'm so glad this dog found its forever home" kind of cry.

    2. The "I wouldn't be crying right now if I wasn't about to start my period" kind of cry.

    3. The "Yes I know I'm on public transport and I'm crying, please don't look at me" kind of cry.

    4. The "Not-quite-crying,-but-very-teary looking at this very old couple lovingly holding hands whilst out on a stroll and I hope I too will experience lasting love like this one day" kind of cry.

    5. The "I'm crying because someone else is crying" kind of cry.

    6. The "I'm crying because something terrible happened to this person and they're so strong and not crying so I have to cry for both of us" kind of cry.

    7. The furious "I'm about to be told off" kind of cry.

    8. The "Everything has just been a bit shit lately so I deserve a little cry" kind of cry.

    9. The "I'm actually furious, not upset, and I wish I wasn't crying right now" kind of cry.

    10. The gut-wrenching "I've been broken up for the first time" kind of cry.

    11. The lonely "I think I'm falling out of love" kind of cry.

    12. The slightly embarassing and very frustrating "Everything looks terrible on me and these changing room lights are so unflattering and why don't any clothing shops make clothes that will actually fit normal women??" kind of cry.

    13. The "Oh my god what I am even doing with my life" middle of the night kind of cry.

    14. The "I've had a really awful day and I'm so stressed and now the printer isn't working and that's the final straw" kind of cry.

    15. The "I can't believe I'm so basic that this movie is making me cry" kind of cry.

    16. The "Someone just asked me if I'm okay and I'm NOT" kind of cry.

    17. The "I'm so frustrated but I can't let anyone know this so I am going to excuse myself and have a quick, efficient power-cry in the bathroom to get it out of my system" kind of cry.

    18. The "I'm so drunk and I love you so much" kind of cry.