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19 Things You'll Understand If You Have To Explain Where You're From

"But where do you feel like you're from?"

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1. The question "Where are you from?" always gives you anxiety because you're never sure how to answer.

2. Are they asking where you were born? Where you grew up? Where you live now?

3. You feel like you're concealing the truth if you give just one answer.

4. But to give the full answer you'd need to give them a brief history of your ancestors.

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5. Plus maybe some actual history to explain the relations of the various nations you identify with.

6. You roll your eyes when people say "You're so exotic!"


As though they wouldn't be exotic if they just went to a different country.

7. Or when they say "I wish I wasn't just boring [insert nationality here]!"


You do realise that your own nationality is equally unusual once you leave your home country, right?

8. And when people ask you if you feel more ~one identity~ or ~another identity~.


As though you can compartmentalise parts of you that are equally integral to who you are.

9. But you secretly like that having a ~mysterious~ background can make you seem more interesting without having to try.

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10. You feel like you've rigged the system if you have dual citizenship.

11. And your passports mean you get to go more places without a visa.

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12. And if you also know another language because you were raised that way, you feel like you cheated a bit.

You didn't even have to try to get that extra skill on your CV.

13. But having a background so ~international~ probably means your family is rarely all together at once.

14. And just going to see them takes a lot of organisation.

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15. Even calling some relatives can involve a whole lot of coordination.

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Time zones are your natural enemy.

16. You feel a bit like a foreigner everywhere.

17. Because you're a bit too ~something else~ to be from ~somewhere else~.


18. But you're also glad that you get to see the world from so many perspectives.


19. And you're thankful to have been raised this way.