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Posted on Jan 27, 2016

What's The Unluckiest, Weirdest Or Stupidest Way You've Failed Your Driving Test?

Tell us the most spectacular way – or ways – you didn't manage to get your driving licence.

Driving is bloody terrifying. Tests are bloody awful. So it follows that driving tests are the absolute worst.

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I mean, you're hurtling down a road in a metal box powered by a highly flammable liquid.


How are you supposed to keep calm enough to actually remember what to do?!?

We want to know the stupidest way you've ever failed a driving test. Did you drive on the wrong side of the road?

Did you insult the instructor's mother?

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Did you simply forget how cars work and put your hands over your eyes in blind panic rather than on the steering wheel?

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We've all been there, so tell us the stupidest way you've failed a driving test.

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