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13 Super Expensive Homes That'll Make Make You Want To Relocate

Just in case you win the lottery and decide to relocate at the same time.

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1. Manchester, £1,090,000

Key features: Five bedrooms and three enormous bathrooms that are each about the size of a Zone 2 London flat.

2. Birmingham, £1,200,000

Key Features: Seven (seven!) huge bedrooms, a stately garden, beautiful Georgian features, and a millennial pink sitting room that is home to an inexplicable amount of porcelain swans.

3. Leeds, £999,950

Key features: A newly remodelled home with a huge garden and an interior that looks like the setting for a very well-written, sleek drama about love and betrayal.

4. Glasgow, £1,150,000

Key features: Five bedrooms, a mosaic floor, and the grandest entrance hall ever created.

5. Southampton, £929,950

Key features: A swimming pool! A bloody swimming pool!!!!! In England!!!!

6. Liverpool, £1,195,000

Key features: Five bedrooms, a private gym, and a beautiful, sleek interior that looks like its entirely wipe-clean.

7. Newcastle, £1,100,000

Key features: Six bedrooms, a huge garden, a balcony, and staircases that would make Hogwarts jealous.

8. Nottingham, £1,250,000

Key features: Five bedrooms and your very own private batcave.

9. Sheffield, £950,000

Key features: Six bedrooms and a biscuit tin-worthy garden.

10. Bristol, £1,000,000

Key features: Your own gate and driveway, allowing you to pretend you're in Downton Abbey, and also giving you an advantage in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

11. Belfast, £815,000

Key features: Six bedrooms, a huge amount of land, and nearly £200k in spare change.

12. Leicester, £1,095,000

Key features: Four bedrooms and grounds that you could rent out to the BBC for a TV adaptation of any Jane Austen novel.

13. London, £1,000,000

Key features: Three bedrooms and a garden your neighbours can only sort of look into.