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    19 Pictures Of Hedgehog Bellies That Prove Everyone Has A Soft Side

    They can't be prickly everywhere.

    1. Hedgehogs may look prickly at first...

    2. But like everything else in this world, they have a soft underbelly.

    3. Look at this perfection.

    4. Look how soft.

    5. Look at this majestic flying guy. Look at his majestic tummy.

    6. Look at this sporty belly.

    7. Both of these prickly cuties are adorable.

    8. Do you think there is an evolutionary purpose for hedgehogs being so cute?

    9. Is this the secret to happiness?

    10. This is probably what angels look like.

    11. Isn't it nice knowing that something this soft and perfect exists?

    12. How is this sort of softness even possible?

    13. The world is full of wonder and goodness.

    14. That goodness is mostly hedgehogs.

    15. Specifically, hedgehog bellies.

    16. Thank you, hedgehogs. Thank you so much.

    17. Thank you for reminding us there is goodness in everything.

    18. And that everything has a soft side.

    19. There are few things in this world more pure than this.