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I Never Realised How Huge Moose Are And Now I'm Freaking Out

Also, the plural of moose is "moose", not "meese" or "mooses", which is mad.

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Okay, all North Americans are rolling their eyes at me right now, but hear me out.

Just as a note for my fellow British people – in British English a moose is the same as an elk, but in North America, an elk refers to a different species of deer.

I've lived in London for most of my life so I've never seen a real life moose.

I mean, most of my ancestors were actual moose herders in Siberia, so maybe I should have some sort of genetic memory imprinted onto my genes like a big hoofprint, but I digress.


I assumed that they're a harmless herbivore, but turns out they could absolutely, definitely fuck you up.

Hunter attacked by moose after shooting it twice,gets hoof print on forehead #SweetRevenge


No, really, they kind of are!

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They're closely related to the stag-moose, which was basically a moose that lived during the last ice age and was only slightly larger than modern moose. Unlike many modern animals that are related to prehistoric animals, the modern moose hasn't decreased much in size. Both the extinct stag-moose and the modern moose are classed as "megafauna", which basically just means they're really dang big!!

Anyway, props to you, Canadians, for being totally casual about these crazy prehistoric beasts roaming your backgardens.

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