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    I Never Realised How Huge Moose Are And Now I'm Freaking Out

    Also, the plural of moose is "moose," not "meese" or "mooses," which is mad.

    Okay, all North Americans are rolling their eyes at me right now, but hear me out.

    I've lived in London for most of my life, so I've never seen a real-life moose.

    So allow me to freak the fuck out over how huge moose are!!

    I thought they were the size of reindeer??

    I assumed that they're a harmless herbivore, but turns out they could absolutely, definitely fuck you up.

    Hunter attacked by moose after shooting it twice,gets hoof print on forehead #SweetRevenge

    They can reach a height of 2.3m (7'6") from hoof to shoulder! That's not including head and antlers!

    Just look at the size of their hoofprints!

    And their antlers can reach a span of 2m (6'6")!

    They're prehistoric!!!

    No, really, they kind of are!

    Anyway, props to you, Canadians, for being totally casual about these crazy prehistoric beasts roaming your back gardens.

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