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22 Tumblr Posts That Prove Grandparents Are The Cutest

Call your grandparents immediately after this.

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1. This grandma, who has seen some things in her time.

2. This grandma, who maybe hasn't seen enough things.

3. This probably disappointed grandma.

4. This excellent pun.

5. These two badasses that were clearly made for each other.

6. These realistic relationship goals.

7. These words to live by.

8. This thing literally every grandma has done.

9. This incredible and super sweet grandma.

10. This proof that everyone is young at heart.

11. This pure, but probably not that secure, password.

12. This example of how we should all aim to live our lives.

13. This pragmatic use of technology.

14. This slip of the tongue.

15. The reason we should all be grateful to our grandmas.

16. This story, which may or may not make you cry.

17. This proof that romance happens at any age.

18. This slight misconception of time travel and technology.

19. This excellent stylist.

20. This clairvoyant grandma.

21. This well-intentioned but terrible mistake.

22. This heartwarming story.