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19 Perfect Lines From "Archer" That Will Make You Laugh

Holy shitsnacks.

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1. This perfect comeback:

2. Mallory's empathetic nature:

3. This pleasant interaction between former flames:

4. This chair factory:

5. This ode to Bloody Marys:


6. This cutting line:

7. This perfect response:


8. This perfect pun:


9. Pam's excellent catchphrase:

10. This proof that we should all aim to be more like Pam:


11. This genuine and justified fear:

12. This proof that Lana is the alpha:

13. This totally healthy way of thinking:

14. This smooth save:


15. This surprisingly insightful self-analysis:

16. This healthy lifestyle:

17. This thing that you should probably say all the time:

18. This ant problem:


19. This classic Archer behaviour: