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    21 Pictures That Prove Toads Are Relatable AF

    They're the most relatable amphibians.

    1. When you're not really looking your best.

    2. When you've had your heart broken in the most dramatic way possible.

    3. When your S.O. comes home at 3a.m and you're trying to stay calm and reasonable.

    4. When you're small but capable of creating a lot of damage.

    5. When the whole of existence is just one terrible thing after another but you're still holding on.

    6. When you've had enough of someone's shit.

    7. When your friend was supposed to come pick you up at 5 and it's already 5:15 and you're still waiting.

    8. When you tell your mum that you're bored and she says "if you have nothing to do, why don't you help me around the house then?"

    9. When your friend is drunk and upset and you're trying to help them get into bed but you're also really drunk.

    10. When you overhear someone's conversation accidentally and they're actually saying something nice about you.

    11. When you're the only person on the tube and can take up as much space as you like.

    12. The moment the open bar at the work do runs out of money and you have to start paying for your drinks.

    13. When you're waiting for the bus and it starts to rain and there is nothing you can do but quietly hate everything.

    14. When you have an existential crisis.

    15. When you get a notification in the middle of the night and you don't want to have to get up and look at it but you know you won't be able to fall asleep until you do.

    16. When someone thinks it's OK to touch you.

    17. When you overhear someone talking about your fav TV show.

    18. When you solemnly accept the burdens of adulthood as part of life.

    19. When you know you don't quite belong but you don't give a fuck.

    20. When you've been sitting down all day and just really need to stretch your legs.

    21. When you have come to accept the inevitability of death.