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22 Dirty Jokes That Kids Cartoons Somehow Got Away With

Who permitted this?

1. This truly iconic line, fitting for an icon.

2. Honestly Dexter's Lab was full of this stuff.

3. Seriously.

4. This subtle reference to a certain publication.

5. And this one.

6. Her what now is doing what now???

7. This really great name.

8. This fun ~ride~.

9. These two had a great relationship.

10. Honestly, way to go on keeping the romance alive, guys.

11. This interesting poster placement.

12. This subtle flirting technique.

13. This boner joke.

14. This other boner joke.

15. Spongebob was just full of dick jokes and we didn't even realise.

16. Grandpa Phil had a colourful past.

17. Rocko appeared to work for a phone-sex line??

18. This excellent burn.

19. And this one, too.

20. This very strategic tent placement.

21. This trail of evidence.

22. And finally, this very deliberate joke.

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