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    24 Pictures That Prove That There Is Nothing Cats Won't Sit On

    Everything was created as a place for cats to sit on.

    1. Your sink? They'll sit in it.

    2. They'll sit in it and they will be smug about it.

    3. Your packed suitcase. There can be no better place to sit.

    4. They will sit on the most precious thing you own.

    5. Fresh laundry, that's perfect for sitting in.

    6. As are sleeping humans.

    7. Especially the face of a sleeping human.

    8. Your underwear is a great spot too.

    9. Baby buggies were obviously made for cats to sit in.

    10. The student information point? That too.

    Alex Howard / Facebook

    11. Your empty office building? They'll sit in it but they won't be happy about it.

    Scarlett Carney / Facebook

    12. Still-warm fireplaces are cat-chairs also.

    But OBVIOUSLY not lit or closed ones, a cat shouldn't sit in that.

    13. Cats know that dogs only exist as portable cushions for cats.

    14. And, frankly, so do other cats.

    15. The router is a good spot to sit.

    To be fair, it's probably super warm.

    16. The dishwasher. That's for sitting in.

    17. As are door frames.

    18. Celestial light? That's perfect for sitting in.

    19. They'll sit on your makeup.

    20. They'll sit on your wares.

    Cody Hoolihan / Facebook

    21. They'll sit on your windshield.

    If you can call that sitting. But that's what they'll do.

    22. Sometimes they'll sit where you want them to.

    23. But mostly they will sit exactly where you don't want them to.

    Twitter: @publichealthdog

    And there is nothing you can do about it.

    24. Everything is a cat bed, except for actual cat beds.

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