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    17 Jokes About Duolingo You'll Appreciate If You're Learning A New Language

    That owl is so determined that you learn Spanish.


    the duolingo bird when i haven’t been active for two days


    in my most recent job interview my interviewer goes “so i saw something i wanted to talk to you about....” and paused for a long time and my stomach dropped and i really believed in that moment that she found my tweets about wanting to fuck the duolingo owl


    So this happened during my Spanish lesson with @duolingo


    Me after taking one Duolingo French session


    Dutch duolingo is NOT fucking around


    KIDNAPPER: *hits me across the face* nobody's ever gonna find u [duolingo owl busts through the door and shoots the kidnapper] ME: holy shit u saved me OWL: u've got more spanish to learn. u'll die when i say u can die


    Ladies if he: Verbally abuses and scares you Forces you into learning new subjects Messages you day and night saying he’s more important than whatever you’re doing Then he is not your boyfriend he’s the duolingo owl


    pls expose ur kid's flexible lil mind to as many languages as u can so that one day they dont have to resort to being voluntarily emotionally harassed by a stalker green owl that makes them translate the same 3 sentences over & over again until they play on a loop in their sleep




    Italian Friends: Ciao, Emily! Come stai? Me, a Duolingo Scholar:



    Thanks to Duolingo I can now have a breakdown in Norwegian


    i wonder if dua lipa uses duo lingo




    jokes abt the duolingo owl being absurdly hostile are funny but really no post any of us make will ever be as funny as the quiet, blistering contempt of the actual “these reminders don’t seem to be working, so we’ll stop sending them” message

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