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This Is What The Cast Of "Made In Chelsea" Would Look Like As Dogs

Or, "If Dogs Had Posh-People Hair".

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Mark-Francis Vandelli as an elegant Doberman pinscher.

"I don't care much for walks," says Mark-Francis Doberman-Pinscher Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky, "I prefer saunters."

"My collar is Valentino," he adds.

Spencer Matthews as a very lascivious pug.

"Hey babe," says Spencer Pugthews, playing with his chest hair and drooling slightly, "I went to Eton." He winks at you while breathing heavily.


Alex Mytton as a French bulldog.

As with Frenchies, many women find him inexplicably adorable. Also like a Frenchie, he looks like he has trouble breathing.

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