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    19 Dogs More Handsome Than You Could Ever Hope To Be

    They are purer and better than every one of us.

    1. Very handsome. And what a dapper gentleman!

    2. No human could look this majestic and ethereal when emerging from water.

    3. So handsome, even when camouflaged.

    4. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, pupper, they're almost as lovely as you.

    5. The drama! The glamour!

    6. A human couldn't pull off this look.

    7. This is too much!

    8. Just, incredible.

    9. Little puppies, are you aware of how perfect you are?

    10. Though one of these may be an imposter, they're all very beautiful.

    11. Just imagine how powerful you would be if you had hair this glamourous.

    12. This could be an editorial shoot. An advert. And I would buy whatever this dog was selling me.

    13. Have you ever seen anything more pure and perfect? If you have, it was probably also a dog.

    14. Is this dog not your hair inspiration??

    15. We humans can only hope our beach photos could look this glamorous.

    16. Just look at those beautiful eyes.

    17. Just, flawless.

    18. Magnificent.

    19. Perfect.