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23 Designers Who Should Never Be Allowed To Design Again

C'mon guys, you had one job. H/T: /r/CrappyDesign

1. Whoever thought putting this photo on a car window was a great idea:

2. Whoever allowed this massive oversight:

3. Whoever made this decision, because they clearly didn't care if they lived or died:

4. Whoever made this, because they clearly do not want you to learn about swimming pools:

5. The designer of these pencils, which send the exact opposite message:

6. Whoever put that door there:

7. Whoever thought that this packaging design was flawless:

8. Whoever made this cereal-themed hair dye:

9. Whoever designed this super-useful cycle lane:

10. And whoever designed THIS extremely safe and helpful cycle lane:

11. Whoever designed this floor cleaner and very helpfully made it look entirely edible:

12. Whoever designed these tasty-looking mothballs:

13. Whoever designed these so that they require that sign:

14. Whoever thought this was a great way to market bodywash:

15. Whoever designed this flower pattern:

16. Whoever designed this soap bottle:

17. Whoever made this completely misleading enter sign:

18. Whoever created this nonsensical mural:

19. Whoever thought this was a great idea:

20. Whoever thought this number placement made things less confusing:

21. Whoever thought this was cute rather than terrifying:

22. Whoever thought that separating that crucial 'S' was a good idea:

23. And finally, whoever thought that a screw attachment for a screwdriver was a great idea.