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    43 Cute Little Things Female Friends Do For Each Other

    Gently tuck the tags of their friends' shirts back in if they notice them sticking out.

    1. Compliment really specific things when they know their friends have made an effort with them, like when their friends have got a nice new nail polish and applied it really carefully.

    2. Comment really supportive things on each other's selfies with copious amount of love-hearts and flame emojis. 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. Patiently take 65,365,532 pictures of their friends until they arrive at a picture that’s just right.

    4. Gently tuck the tags of their friends' shirts back in if they notice them sticking out.

    5. Carefully analyse the texts and behaviours of crushes.

    6. Dance in circles at clubs to ward off any creepy unwanted attention from men.

    7. Order taxis for friends who don't have anyone to walk them home at night.

    8. Text their friends to make sure they got home alright.

    9. Listen to their friends gush about their new S.O.s endlessly.

    10. Listen to their friends whine about their S.O.s endlessly.

    11. Or whine about anything at all, for that matter.

    12. Stop themselves after they’ve been gushing/whining and say, “Oh, enough about me, how are you??”

    13. Share discount codes.

    14. Lend each other clothes.

    15. Lend each other makeup.

    16. Recommend each other products or give each other beauty tips.

    17. Specifically send each other links to products that they think will be useful.

    18. Give each other little bits of expensive beauty products in pots if they have them just so everyone has a chance to try them out.

    19. Send each other cute memes and say “that’s us”.

    20. Send pictures of really pretty animals to each other and say “that’s you”.

    21. Always offer each other some of their drink.

    22. And lip balm.

    23. And handcream.

    24. And of course, tampons and pads.

    25. Paint each other's nails, if only the one hand that's harder to paint.

    26. Put cute emojis in each other's names on their phones.

    27. Carefully analyse infinite amounts of screenshots.

    28. Draft all important texts by committee.

    29. Read through each other's essays, CVs, and cover letters.

    30. Help write each other’s witty dating app profiles.

    31. Pay close attention when they go shopping together for good birthday and Christmas present ideas.

    32. Tell each other off for bad habits.

    33. Hate people on their friends' behalf.

    34. Love people on their friends' behalf.

    35. Send letters/care packages to each other when they're apart.

    36. Bring back little gifts for each other from their holidays.

    37. Offer to buy things for each other that you can only get if you're going to the specific country they're visiting.

    38. Arrive unfashionably early to their friends' parties so the hosts don’t have an awkward half hour alone waiting for everyone to arrive.

    39. Secretly advise their friends' S.O.s on gifts or party plans.

    40. Tell each other if something doesn’t look good, not to offend but because it’s true and they’re looking out for each other.

    41. Forgive their friends for being bitchy occasionally (especially when hormonal).

    42. Tell people of their friends' great accomplishments when introducing them, so they can all be humble while everyone knows about their impressive résumés.

    43. Make future plans about how they’ll all grow old together and adopt 23 dogs.