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    21 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summarised What It's Like To Be Super Sensitive

    "GIVEAWAY: All of my responsibilities."

    1. When it doesn't take much for you to well up:

    2. Like, at all:

    3. And sometimes you question your behaviour:

    4. This empty threat you've definitely made:

    5. This misunderstanding:

    6. This slight contradiction:

    7. This warning:

    8. This excellent icebreaker:

    9. This exhaustive list:

    10. When you're not quite prepared for your own imagination:

    11. This universal desire:

    12. This true mystery:

    13. If only this was an actual option:

    14. The reason why you're probably dehydrated:

    15. This unattainable goal:

    16. This really generous offer:

    17. This coping strategy:

    18. This really stressful situation:

    19. This fatal flaw:

    20. This cool life hack:

    21. When even your body forsakes you a little bit: