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22 Things You Will Understand If You Went To A Crap London School

"The destination of this bus has changed."

1. If you wanted to be cool you had to have one of these.

2. Or a Kookai satchel.

3. And a pair of Kickers.

4. Your P.E. bag was a J.D. Sports plastic drawstring bag.

5. And you had to wear your tie like this.

6. You took your Oyster 16+ card for granted.

7. But before free bus travel, you remember when people would try and jump on at the back.

8. And then having to wait for ages because the bus driver would refuse to move until the people that jumped on got off.

#GrowingUpinlondon happened all the time

9. But the worst part was the phrase "the destination of this bus has changed".

10. Your school was probably pretty hideous and made in the '60s.

11. Or you were in an equally shit but more modern building that was at least 30% plastic.

12. That also had extra "temporary" classrooms that have actually been there for at least a decade.

13. The playground was basically just an expanse of concrete.

14. The walls of every classroom had these borders.

15. If you had a sixth form as part of your school then you were probably really excited to use the common room.

16. And it probably had these exact chairs.

17. You probably did actually have one posh-sounding teacher that you made fun of.

18. There was a chicken shop nearby that everyone went to after school.

19. And a corner shop that didn't let more than two school kids inside at once.

#GrowingUpInLondon When it's two kids at a time at the corner shop cos the shop keeper don't trust your school..

Because people kept nicking the chocolate bars.

20. There were probably one or two mildly successful people that went to your school that now have a shrine dedicated to them.

21. There were never quite enough textbooks.

22. But that was OK because you could point at the weird illustrations and say "that's you" to the person you're sharing with.

In my textbook for this class there's this chapter on stretching and the illustrations have me weak