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    16 Cats That Are Better Than You At Doing Their Eyeliner

    It's called "cat-eye liner" for a reason.

    1. Coby the cat has better eyeliner than any of us lowly human beings could ever hope to achieve.

    2. Look at it!

    3. It's on a totally different level of perfection.

    4. Reggie prefers an equally perfect but more subtle brown liner.

    5. This cutie knows how to really bring out her eyes.

    6. Felix prefers a more grungy look to go well with his stylish jumper.

    7. As does Benson, who is at a level of eyeliner perfection entirely inaccessible to the human species.

    8. This cat likes to pair her eyeliner with a bold lip, for a really dramatic look.

    9. This cat is peak lifestyle blogger: perfect eyeliner AND a healthy diet. Truly an inspiration.

    10. This is the perfect eyeliner gang, humans are not allowed in, for obvious reasons.

    11. This is another perfect eyeliner gang you're not allowed to be part of.

    12. This cat is shocked at just how perfect its eyeliner is.

    13. This beauty doesn't even care how perfect her eyeliner is. She has more important things to do.

    14. Perfect eyeliner is clearly a feline family tradition.

    15. It's no mystery why the look is called "cat-eye liner".

    16. We humans can only hope to one day be as glamorous as any of them.