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    11 Beautiful And Unusual Funeral And Burial Practices

    In Tibet, the deceased are given "sky burials", and in Ghana "fantasy coffins" are popular.

    1. In Ghana, coffins are fantastical things, made in a huge variety of shapes to represent the person buried within.

    2. In South Korea, it is becoming more popular to turn the ashes of your deceased loved ones into beads.

    3. Ancient Hawaiians had many different burial practices, including burial at sea, in caves, and in sand dunes.

    4. In Mongolia and Tibet, the dead are given a "sky burial" in line with the Buddhist tradition.

    5. The Torajan people of Indonesia keep the bodies of the deceased in a separate room, cleaned and fed daily, until they can afford proper funerals.

    6. Another Torajan tradition is to hang coffins on either cliff faces or trees.

    7. Funeral services in Azerbaijan are so lavish that it is becoming an economic problem.

    8. In Russia (and many other former Eastern Bloc countries), when bringing flowers to a funeral or in consolation to the bereaved, you must give an even number of flowers.

    9. Île Sainte-Marie (St. Mary's Island) is home to reportedly the world's only pirate cemetery.

    10. In China, Feng Shui is not just for the home you live in while alive, but for your burial home, too.

    11. In the Jamaican tradition, death is a reason not to mourn a loss but to celebrate a life well-lived.