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17 Trends All Men Should Avoid In 2016

You know what's cute? A classic button-up. You know what isn't cute? Misogyny.

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1. Objectification of women.

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Reducing women's bodies to sexual objects is really, deeply dated. It's so dated that it has been a staple since the beginning of history, in fact. For a fresh new look for SS16, how about treating everyone as individual, sentient, and autonomous human beings instead?

4. Having a false sense of entitlement.

lord give me the self-confidence of mediocre twenty-something white men

It's such an unflattering look to think that the world owes you something.


5. Cultural appropriation.

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It's not a great look to wear or say things that erase the cultural significance of something for a group of people as a fashion statement. This one goes out to the ladies too!

6. Claiming that "Nice Guys" always finish last.

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This is a trend that has long been a staple in the masculine wardrobe, but we're all getting a bit weary of it now. To freshen up your look, instead of assuming that women are obligated to respond to your sexually-motivated, gratuitous "nice" actions, how about investing in a statement jacket or a nice leather bag?

8. Thinking the "Friend Zone" exists.

reminder that the friend zone isn't a real thing, but a socially constructed coping mechanism to deal with unreciprocated sexual feelings

Gentlemen, no one really likes it if you don't value them for their friendship and only interact with them in the hopes of having sex with them. How about accessorising with a nice scarf instead?


9. Mansplaining.

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There's nothing tackier than feeling the need to explain something to someone that already understands it in a patronising tone. In 2016, let's all replace all instances of mansplaining with a crisp Oxford shirt instead.

10. Victim blaming.

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Blaming women for acts of atrocities committed against them, regardless of what condition they were in or what they were wearing, is really not a great look. But you know what is a good look? A nice tailored suit and acknowledging that sexual assault could happen to anyone.

11. Derogatory attitudes towards menstruation.

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Everyone that is alive now or has ever lived almost was a period at one point. So instead of making women believe that they are disgusting and dirty for something the existence of the human race depends on, why not experiment with colour blocking your outfits instead?

12. Policing women on the tone that they use.


This is when women are seen as "bitchy", "aggressive" and "bossy" in instances where a male counterpart behaving exactly in the same manner would be seen as "competent" and "a leader". This is super passé and should be avoided at all costs, but you know what isn't passé? Good quality leather brogues.


13. Sexist language.


Assuming that "male" is default (such as when using "guys" to refer to a group of people) and "female" is derogatory (imagine the stereotypical sports coach saying "You throw like a girl!" or "Alright, ladies.") implicitly states that being female, is by default, bad. It's also super 19th century, so why not update your look with a cool pair of trainers and gender-neutral language instead?

14. Making assumptions about people based only on their gender.


You know what someone identifying as a cis woman, or a trans woman, or a trans man, say about them? It says that that's their gender, and nothing else. You know what a well-made winter coat says about you? That you're a person of impeccable taste.

15. Unfairly overburdening women with domestic duties.

On the other hand, taking on equal responsibility in the running of a household and parental duties is a truly ~timeless look~.

16. Gendering careers, toys, behaviour, and just about anything else that has no gender.

It's just really hard working in a coed lab because I'm too distracting to the male scientists #distractinglysexy

You know what is woman's work? Any work that a woman does or wants to do. Instead of focusing on whether or not people of a certain gender belong in a certain workplace, why not focus on ~werking~ a bold outfit choice instead.

17. Telling women to smile.


Women are not obligated to look pleasant and approachable all the time, and certainly not to strangers on command. Next time you feel compelled to tell a woman to smile, why not focus on how you look instead and get yourself a nice cashmere cardigan?