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    17 Trends All Men Should Avoid In 2016

    You know what's cute? A classic button-up. You know what isn't cute? Misogyny.

    1. Objectification of women.

    2. Thinking that cat-calling is OK.

    3. Slut-shaming.

    4. Having a false sense of entitlement.

    lord give me the self-confidence of mediocre twenty-something white men

    It's such an unflattering look to think that the world owes you something.

    5. Cultural appropriation.

    6. Claiming that "Nice Guys" always finish last.

    7. Commanding the reproductive rights of women.

    8. Thinking the "Friend Zone" exists.

    reminder that the friend zone isn't a real thing, but a socially constructed coping mechanism to deal with unreciprocated sexual feelings

    Gentlemen, no one really likes it if you don't value them for their friendship and only interact with them in the hopes of having sex with them. How about accessorising with a nice scarf instead?

    9. Mansplaining.

    10. Victim blaming.

    11. Derogatory attitudes towards menstruation.

    12. Policing women on the tone that they use.

    13. Sexist language.

    14. Making assumptions about people based only on their gender.

    15. Unfairly overburdening women with domestic duties.

    On the other hand, taking on equal responsibility in the running of a household and parental duties is a truly ~timeless look~.

    16. Gendering careers, toys, behaviour, and just about anything else that has no gender.

    It's just really hard working in a coed lab because I'm too distracting to the male scientists #distractinglysexy

    You know what is woman's work? Any work that a woman does or wants to do. Instead of focusing on whether or not people of a certain gender belong in a certain workplace, why not focus on ~werking~ a bold outfit choice instead.

    17. Telling women to smile.

    Let's leave all of these awful "trends" behind in 2015 and have a happy, stylish 2016.