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21 Tumblr Posts That Are Really Relatable For Some Reason

You don't know why, but you'll identify with them.

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1. This wholesome feeling.

2. The best, and only, karaoke choice.

3. This reflex reaction.

4. This identity you didn't know you had.

5. Don't you hate it when this happens?

6. This really serene moment.

7. The true meaning of marriage.

8. This endless struggle.

9. This bonding moment.

10. This experience we've all had but could never put into words.

11. This emotion that we've also all had.

12. Some days, entrances just feel this way.

13. This perfect illustration of failure.

14. This summation of all relationships.

15. This universally irritating thing.

16. This terrible trap every one of us has fallen into at some point.

17. This deeply accurate and heartbreaking analogy.

18. This really useful skill.

19. This thing that everyone does even though it's pointless.

20. This weird early moment in a new, blossoming friendship.

21. This one flaw in the trajectory of your life plan.