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    If Tampon Adverts Were Actually Honest

    They would use actual blood to demonstrate how well they soak up blood.

    1. Firstly, honest adverts for sanitary products would stop using weird blue liquid when demonstrating how ~absorbent~ their product is.

    2. They'd focus on the main positive of actually getting your period.

    3. They'd acknowledge the social cues that surround tampons, like having to be really secretive about them, for some reason.

    4. They wouldn't pretend that you can have a super fun time on your period as long as the applicator on your tampon is easy enough to use.

    5. Let's just stop pretending that a period can be anything other than painful and inconvenient.

    6. Maybe they'd actually also acknowledge this truth.

    7. And stop taxing us for the luxury of not leaving a trail of blood everywhere once a month.

    8. To be fair, it doesn't take much to get women to buy tampons.

    9. Because leaving blood stains isn't considered very professional.