15 Reasons Why Miss Robichaux’s Academy For Exceptional Young Ladies Might Be The Best Hogwarts Alternative

Never received that letter from Hogwarts? Are you a witch that needs to be noticed? Did that Hermione Granger take the last spot? Than here are the 15 reasons why Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is the best Hogwarts alternative for us witch outcasts!

1. Smaller classrooms

Who needs large classrooms when you can study with a small group! Plus, that Hermione Granger always hogs up the professor’s attention.

2. It’s located in the sunny New Orleans

Hogwarts is just too cold sometimes, and the sunny weather in New Orleans will make for great field trips!

3. The school is very chic and they’re always looking to redecorate

Hogwarts is just too dusty sometimes…. this victorian house is perfect and has a feminine touch!

4. Cute uniforms

Sometimes those raggedy robes just don’t express you’re individuality as much as hats and pencil skirts.

5. Friendly classmates

No Malfoys here!

6. They will help you set goals

And the right type of goals too! Defeating the dark lord isn’t inspiring enough.

7. You will leave as a more responsible individual

Driving flying cars is so immature and irresponsible!

8. They make you a stronger individual

Sometimes Snapes’ tough love just isn’t tough enough.

9. There is no discrimination or name-calling

Poor Neville Longbottom should’ve enrolled here.

10. There are no house elves, just real maids

Dobby is sweet and all but sometimes those house elves just don’t give you the right compliments.

11. Cute boys next door

Though the are a limited amount of men here, whenever a cute guy does come around it will be better than Christmas morning.

12. And they’re not attahced

So it’ll be easy for you to find a single guy in no time.

13. No houses….we’re all the same

Slytherin or Gryffindor? How about just ‘crazy bitches!’

14. Healthy competitiveness

You won’t be sucked into all of those Quidditch rivalries.

15. All in all: You will find your place

So who needs Hogwarts anyhow?

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