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    I've Never Wanted To Be Tilda Swinton More Than When She Pranked Timothée Chalamet At Cannes

    The way she just flipped him around like a pancake is sending me.

    Timothée Chalamet walked the red carpet rocking Tom Ford at the Cannes Film Festival and, naturally, everyone lost their goddamn minds.

    Tom looking over his shoulder

    Live cam of me, currently.

    the way I’m prepared to write a 50 page thesis on timothee’s silver suit

    Twitter: @niallschalamet / Via Twitter: @niallschalamet

    The Cartier jewelry, the short hair, the CARTILAGE PIERCINGS. This man won't let me breathe!

    Well, right next to Timmy was his bestie Tilda Swinton, one of his costars in Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch.

    Just look at these cuties!

    Tom holding hands with Tilda and resting his head on her shoulder

    And like the besties they are, Tilda pulled a prank on Timothée following the film's premiere, when it received one of the incredibly long standing ovations the film festival is notorious for.

    Look at what Tilda Swinton did to Timothee Chalamet during ‘The French Dispatch’ standing ovation. #Cannes2021

    Twitter: @RaminSetoodeh / Via Twitter: @RaminSetoodeh

    Tilda deftly stuck her name card reserving her seat to Timothée's back and swiftly swung him around to display her name.

    Personally, I think this was a great use of the extended standing ovation moment — which lasted literally all of nine minutes.

    She did it with such grace...such cold calculation.

    In conclusion, Tilda and Timmy, I am free on Thursday if you are free on Thursday. I would love to hang out and pull pranks on Thursday, since that is when I am free.