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    Ryan Reynolds Said His Local Pizza Place Thinks He's Ben Affleck: "They’ll Ask How J.Lo Is And I’m Like, 'Great, Good'"

    "They believe I’m Ben Affleck and I’ve never corrected them."

    It's hard to not know what Ryan Reynolds looks like. The man is honestly everywhere — from Netflix's hugely popular Red Notice to just, IDK, being on the internet pretty regularly.

    Ryan waving to the crowd at the premiere of Red Notice
    Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

    But it seems like one East Village pizzeria in NYC has accomplished the impossible. What's more, its workers think Ryan is none other than fellow actor Ben Affleck — even though the former's been going there for years.

    Axelle / FilmMagic / Getty Images, Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    Personally, I don't see it. But — with a mask and sunglasses — who knows?

    "They believe I’m Ben Affleck and I’ve never corrected them," Blake Lively's husband said on a recent episode of the Dear Hank and John podcast. "I feel it would not go over well if I revealed [it]. I do everything normal like everybody else."

    Ryan walking outside in a plaid suit and tie
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    "They just think I'm Ben Affleck and they'll ask how J.Lo is and I'm like, ‘Great, good.' I get the pizza and off I go," he added.

    Ben and JLo holding hands as they walk down the street
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    I wonder if — after this — the pizzeria will finally find out the truth. I'll be awaiting further details, Ryan (CC, his PR team)!

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