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    Kanye West — Who Legally Changed His Name To "Ye" — Paid Homage To A 1960s French Movie Villain With His Mask, And I'm Truly At A Loss For Words

    I'm sorry, but the old Kanye West can't come to the phone right now.

    It seems that Kanye West, just like us plebeians, has seen No Time to Die. And because, presumably, he was such a fan, he decided to pay homage to Rami Malek's masked man with a look of his own.

    Rami Malek in a mask as he walks a across a frozen lake in No Time To Die
    Christopher Raphael / © MGM / © Danjaq / Courtesy Everett Collection

    (Obviously, I don't know the exact meaning or reasoning behind the rapper's look. Just let me have fun speculating.)

    Anyway, because Kanye is Kanye — or Ye, rather, given that he got approval for his legal name change — he stepped out in Venice looking like...honestly, just see for yourself, I can't even begin to describe it.

    Ye wearing a full bald humanoid mask complete with ears, eyes, nose, and mouth

    Because why not?

    There are holes for Ye to see through and an opening at the mouth

    Like, please, just take a moment and really take this image in. The stance he's in is very reminiscent of "when your mom tells you to wait in line, but now it's almost your turn, and you don't know what to do."


    A meme in the making, perhaps?

    The Donda singer was also spotted at a rare wedding performance in the Italian city. This time, though, he was sporting a black face mask that looked eerily similar to the one worn by Squid Game's The Front Man.

    .@kanyewest with @eightyocho and @vory777 today. (10.16.21) Styled by Ye and Balenciaga.

    Twitter: @PhotosOfKanye / Via Twitter: @PhotosOfKanye

    Just look at the resemblance!

    The Front Man

    I mean, it is spooky season, after all. And we all know Ye's not a stranger to wearing full-face masks.

    Ye wearing a full-face mask made of material similar that of pantyhose at his listening party
    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Universal Music Group

    And, apparently, his all-white mask is an homage to Fantômas, the titular villain from a 1964 French comedy-crime film.

    @KanyeMedia_ @agostinhozinga People should know the mask is from an old French movie villain called Fantomas.

    Twitter: @alexnoyer / Via Twitter: @alexnoyer

    Regardless of where his masks came from or what they're referencing, I will be haunted by them for months — nay, perhaps decades — to come. Thank you for your service, Ye!

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