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    People Are Joking About Jake Gyllenhaal Handing The Baton Over To John Mayer After Taylor Swift Dropped The "All Too Well" Short Film, Prompting Fans To Think "Dear John" Is Next

    "John Mayer, you're next."

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    John Mayer (pictured below) is clutching his pearls as we Speak (Now). Probably, LOL, let me backtrack a bit.

    As you know, Taylor Swift dropped her already record-breaking short film for the 10-minute version of her fan-fave Red-era track, "All Too Well." The short, which Taylor directed, wrote, and starred in, features Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink presumably acting out Taylor's whirlwind romance with Jake Gyllenhaal — the man who the song is allegedly about.

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    Jake and Taylor dated for roughly three months at the end of 2010 — when he was 29 and she was 20 — before breaking up in early 2011. Opening up about her casting decisions, Taylor said she immediately thought of Dylan and Sadie — who are 30 and 19, respectively — and had no "backups" if they weren't interested in their roles.

    Of course, the "All Too Well" short film comes alongside the Grammy winner's rerelease of Red, which follows her rerelease of 2008's Fearless in early April of this year. Taylor's versions — which include never-before-heard tracks and extended plays — are debuting amid her battle to regain control of her masters from her old record label, Big Machine.

    Taylor wears a multicolored suit on the MTV VMAs

    Which brings us to (*drumroll please*) Taylor's likely planned rerelease of Speak Now, her third studio album that originally debuted in 2010. Fans are speculating that the 31-year-old singer-songwriter will continue her rerecording process by releasing new versions of mega-hits like "Back to December" and "Dear John" — the latter of which is about none other than...

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    John Mayer — you guessed it! If the age difference between Jake and Taylor was uncomfortable for you, this romance takes the cake. The pair were linked from late 2009 to February 2010, when Taylor was 19 and he was 32.

    John with his arm around Taylor as they posed for a photo

    So, yeah, a lot of people should be scared, and by "a lot of people" I mean John.

    if taylor swift ended jake gyllenhaal in a 13 minute short film, imagine what she could do to john mayer with dear john

    Twitter: @tshoevalia / Via Twitter: @tshoevelia

    Now that the "All Too Well" short film is a thing, a "Dear John" short film is no longer a want but an absolute need. Penn Badgley would absolutely devour this role!!!

    See a roundup of some of the best tweets from fans below:

    john mayer at taylor’s doorstep right now

    Twitter: @myheartredheart / Via Twitter: @myheartredheart

    John Mayer at Taylor’s door step trying to apologize before she drops speak now.

    Twitter: @Evermorehoe / Via Twitter: @Evermorehoe

    no but she was kind to jake, john mayer had his name in the song title he's dead i'm afraid

    Twitter: @desperationacts / Via Twitter: @desperationacts

    ok but if it's this bad for jake gyllenhaal.... imagine what's coming for john mayer

    Twitter: @burningredluv / Via Twitter: @burningredluv

    john mayer and jake gyllenhaal enlisting in princess protection program as we speak

    Twitter: @sapnapsblunt / Via Twitter: @sapnapsblunt

    john mayer and jake gyllenhaal passing each other on their way into & out of witness protection

    Twitter: @mteivets / Netflix / Via Twitter: @mteivets

    Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer on facetime right now knowing that Dear John (TV) is coming for his ass next

    Twitter: @alexandermalloy / Via Twitter: @alexandermaIIoy

    Jake Gyllenhaal going into hiding until Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) drops and we turn our attention to John Mayer #RedTaylorsVersion

    Twitter: @phillipwwalker / Via Twitter: @phillipwwalker

    Come outside ain’t nobody gonna jump you, John Mayer!!!!! #SpeakNowTaylorsVersion

    Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity / Disney / Via Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity

    john mayer sending an apology email to taylor after seeing all too well’s short movie

    Twitter: @SWIFTIETEA / Via Twitter: @SWlFTIETEA

    at this point i think john mayer is actively working at getting taylor’s masters back

    Twitter: @taylorsexile / Via Twitter: @taylorsexile

    In conclusion:

    Twitter: @speaknowbot / Via Twitter: @speaknowbot
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