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    Ashley Graham Just Shared The Most Wholesome Video Of Her And Her Husband, Justin Ervin, Finding Out She's Pregnant With Twin Boys

    Good for her and Justin!!!

    Congratulations to Ashley Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin!

    The couple posing at the Vanity Fair Oscars party
    Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

    The 33-year-old model just revealed in an Instagram video that she's pregnant with twin boys.

    In the video, you can see Ashley and her cinematographer husband of 11 years confirm her pregnancy with two positive at-home tests. "I guess two confirmed tests mean that I'm pregnant," Ashley says.

    The couple smiling after receiving the news
    Ashley Graham / Via

    Look how adorable and happy they are!!!

    The video then transitions to Ashley's ultrasound — where she asks if she's having twins. When the technician confirms the news, she lets out a little scream.

    Ashley Graham / Via

    But the most memorable part of the video is when the technician confirms the sex of the twins — both boys — to which both Ashley and Justin respond in complete shock: Justin, who's off screen, says, "You are joking me," while Ashley immediately sits upright and asks, "Are you serious?"

    Ashley Graham / Via

    Ashley then emits a noise that can only be described as "joyous cackling" before saying, "We're gonna have three boys!" And before the video ends, Justin adds another, "You're kidding me."

    Ashley Graham / Via

    Ashley announced she was pregnant for a second time back in July. Her first child, a boy named Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin, was born on Jan. 18, 2020.

    Congrats again (and best of luck, tbh) to the lovely couple!!!

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