10 Moments From Drake’s "Started From The Bottom" That Were Real

In case you were in denial that these things actually happened.

1. First, Drake started off by dancing in the snow. With a Bentley.

Ahh, what a perfect time to put the top down.

2. Oh, hi Mama Drake.

3. Then he and his friends decided to have a dance party in a Drug Mart.

4. Then it got real.

Cue confetti.

5. And his friends said stuff like this.

6. And this.

7. Surprise! Drake can fly his own plane.

Too bad that pesky licensed pilot is there.

8. Then Drake was kind of a bad friend.

9. But it’s okay, because then he invited his friends over for a party.

Hopefully Mama Drake was cool with it.

10. Yep, this happened, too.

Via http://Vevo

In case you missed it, catch the video here.

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