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    A Hippie's Guide To Bathing For Good Health (and Flawless Skin)

    Those "Old Wives" were right when they told their tales! With basic items from your kitchen (and your Zen playlist and incense, of course) get ready to bathe your way to flawless skin, a detoxed body, and of course a peaceful mind. I recommend these right before bedtime to sleep like a baby. Take a bath, ya filthy Hippie.

    Bathe like Cleopatra for hydrated, luminous skin!

    Milk & Honey bath:

    What you need: 1 Can Condensed Milk ( or 4-5 cups WHOLE milk, but condensed is much simpler), 1 Cup of honey. I realize this is a lot of honey, but I can find very cheap raw honey for 10 dollars at my local Walmart. It's SO worth it.

    In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known for her beauty. She was also known to take frequent baths in milk and honey. Well, I think we have our culprit. Honey is a natural humectant, pore cleanser, gentle exfoliator, skin repairer, and is sweet all at once! Who knew the sugary goodness could be so amazing for your skin? The moisturizing fat in milk alone is enough to make this bath SO worth it, but on top of all that, milk contains vitamins A, D, and E, and will lightly exfoliate as well. All this goodness with only 2 ingredients!

    And that's it! Fill free to add Epsom salt as desired. Don't forget your Candles! Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes for best results.

    Step out with the hydrated skin of a goddess.

    Detox skin FAST and restore luster to a dull complexion!

    What you need: 2 1/2 Cups Epsom Salt, 1 Cup ACV, 1/2 Cup Sea Salt, Essential oils and bubble bath if desired. As this bath is drying for some, adding an oil such as coconut or even olive will leave you silky smooth.

    Epsom salt is known to be absorbed directly through the skin, restoring magnesium levels in your body, drawing out toxins, and benefitting your skin in ways that are too extensive to even list! Apple Cider Vinegar is an unlikely addition to a bath that will yield amazing results to your skin, and the smell is not even an issue once blended into your lovely bath. Personally ridding my skin of my Tinea Versicolor, I will never forget to add this gift from above into my bathing routine. Soothing dry, itchy skin, all the while restoring a healthy PH in a flash, ACV is a MUST. Don't wanna take my word for it?? Then I dare you to let a little Hippie in and try this next bath.

    Have your water as hot as you can tolerate so you may work up a good, toxin chasing sweat. Sit in your amazing peaceful atmosphere for atlas 25 minutes. **Bathe at YOUR OWN risk! Some are sensitive to the heat, including those with High Blood Pressure.

    Leave your bath with a mindset of peace, and lovely, smooth, fresh, radiant skin.

    Bathe like an Aztec Warrior-Ultimate Antioxidant/Clay detox bath- Say "Peace out" to Colds!

    What you need: 8-10 Green tea bags, 2 Cups Epsom salt, 1 Cup Bentonite Clay, 1/2 Cup ACV, 1 Cup Baking Soda.

    Say "peace out" to sickness, and welcome in an energized body, and glowing skin. This Detox bath with literally magnet out the toxins from your body, all while acting as a youth tonic to a tired complexion. I personally rid myself of a nasty case of Bronchitis ("Ain't nobody got time fo' DAT") with only TWO consecutive nights of this powerful bath. This bath is intense, and will cause you to sleep like a chubby baby if executed correctly. The Tea can steep directly in the bath water, and will supply your skin with amazing antioxidant power, while detoxing, healing, delaying age, soothing, repairing, firming, fighting free radicals, and much much more (!!

    We all know how amazing the Epsom salt/ACV is for our skin and for detox, so know let's look at Bentonite clay. Centuries ago, Aztec warriors were said to have used this mysterious miracle clay, originating from volcanic ash, in countless healing and beauty rituals. Having a negative charge while the toxins in your body carry a positive charge, Bentonite clay quite literally attaches to these toxins and pulls them from your body. When added to your bath, this charge is activated. Per ounce, this ancient clay contains countless nutrients absorbed into the body much like a supplement would be, which is why many people even ingest it! The list of benefits that Bentonite clay holds is so extensive, that you may have to see the results for yourself!

    And finally, Baking Soda will neutralize Chlorine in hard water, aiding detox and brightening skin.

    Once again, water should be as hot as you can tolerate. A heavy sweat means a filthy Hippie-lovin' heavy detox, dude! **Once again, bathe at your own risk. Drink water throughout! This bath even aided me in my journey as I became fit and healthy, helping the weightloss along quite effectively.

    Don't believe in all of my Holistic Hippie Potions?

    Then just Google the mental health benefits, alone of taking a bath! Those alone make it SO worth it to at least try! I found results in these recipes, what are your Hippie beauty routines?

    Hippies, Unite!