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    Posted on Dec 18, 2013

    10 Graphs That Show Why Young People Are Out Of Luck On Jobs

    The news says that youth unemployment is falling (just), but before you crack out the sparkling water, let's take a look at how young people are fairing (spoiler alert: it's not looking too good).

    Stats out today show youth unemployment has fallen

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    Oh wait, youth unemployment is still 4 times higher than the rate for 25-64 year-olds...

    Yep, youth unemployment has been rising compared to adult unemployment for ages

    Even during times when the economy was expanding!

    Qualifications should help you get a job, but the lower they are, the more likely you are to be unemployed.

    But over 3 million young people haven't gone to uni

    And apprenticeships are becoming an over-25s thing

    Even if you have a degree, you're more likely to be doing a non-graduate job

    Almost half of recent graduates now work in non-graduate roles.

    Because there are increasingly too many graduates and not enough graduate jobs around

    Even when you finally start earning, you're going to spend a much higher % of your income on essentials (like rent and energy) than any other age group.

    A quarter of under 30s spending goes on housing and energy, twice as much as older age groups.

    And (drumroll) we're the second most over-qualified country in the OECD.

    So yes, the person making your coffee has a PhD.

    In order to better support young people into getting a job, IPPR suggest creating a jobs guarantee, so no young person is out of work for longer than a year, and a separate welfare system that focuses on education and training.

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