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    21 Hilarious Coffee Mugs To Celebrate Literally Everything

    Functional trophies.

    1. When you binge-watch cartoons on Saturday instead of doing "productive" things.

    2. When you poop.

    3. When you make everybody's lunch, drop the kids off at 3 different schools, plan a birthday party, take 2 kids to soccer practice, 1 kid to swim team, run home to cook dinner, pick all the kids up, then wash the dishes after everyone eats.

    4. When you make it through a night at your S.O.'s parents' house.

    5. When you almost trusted that post–Taco Bell fart but remembered you shouldn't just in time.

    6. When you are the only person in your friend group who actually shows up to the restaurant on time. Three weeks in a row.

    7. When you successfully defeat the hero trying to save the world.

    8. When the steak you made is ~perfect~.

    9. Hodor hodor hodor hordor, hodor hodor hodor.

    10. When a company actually wants to bring you in for an interview after you apply on their website.

    11. When you come from the best state ever.

    12. When you remember to put a few vegetables in your grocery basket.

    13. When your last daughter turns 20.

    14. When you contribute to the gradual destruction of the world's natural beauty.

    15. When you make a pancake that's perfectly round and perfectly cooked on both sides.

    16. When you go to a modern art museum and actually appreciate the art.

    17. When you FINALLY finish that one crochet project you've been working on forever.

    18. When you become so intelligent that you attract the undead.

    19. When you splurge on the $30 bag of coffee and it tastes disgusting but you're going to pretend you like it anyway.

    20. When you save your own damn self because what is a damsel anyway?

    21. When you finally work up the courage to ask why your Tinder date looks like they took the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.