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Share Your Best Tip That Helped You Get Ready For College

College grads, sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad students: This year's freshmen want to hear from you.

Moving to college for the first time is equal parts exciting and scary AF.

And since you've probably never been to college before (and your parents might not have been since the time of the Flintstones) it can be hard to know what to bring, and how to get it there.

College newbies need to know: What do you actually need to do if you really want to be ready for college?

What do you need to buy on your big Bed, Bath, and Beyond trip? (And what can you really skip?)

Are there any ~hack-y~ things you should do to get your dorm together or manage your time well?

Are there any particular things you should talk to your roommates about in advance?

Or something else? Tell us your best tips and ideas! Tell us about your tip and if you have one, upload a photo via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!