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28 Impossibly Cute Ways To Cover Your Body In Outer Space

Far out, man.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

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1. Wrap yourself in the night sky.

This scarf is $30, here.

2. Tie the constellations around your neck.

For formal occasions. $37, here.

3. Carry the nebula with you everywhere you go.

This tote is $15.99, here.

4. Deck out your earlobes with nebulas.

$25, here.

5. Spend yoga class kneeling on ringed planets.

These leggings are $39.00 here.

6. Keep time with the constellations.

$14.50, here.

7. Go swimming on the moon.

$20, here.

8. Or hide away from the world in them.

This onesie is $130, here.

9. Show your space pride with a Space Ranger temporary tattoo.

$5 for a set of two, here.

10. Wear the solar system on your wrist.

$31, here.

11. Put planets on your feet.

$6.81, here.

12. Warm your arms with infinite stars.

$36, here.

13. Let your necklace wax and wane.

This is $48, here.

14. Skirt a supernova.

$34.99, here.

15. Protect your table from the heat of nuclear fusion* with these pot holders.

*Will not actually protect your hands from nuclear fusion.

They're $16 here.

16. Cover your skin in constellations.

I see the big dipper! $4.71, here.

17. Wear a reminder of how big our universe is.

Only a few of the many galaxies out there. $74.99, here.

18. Don Ursa Major on your days off.

Or under a blazer. $36, here.

19. Stroll through a million suns.

These hand painted Converse are $45, here.

20. (No matter what mood you're in).

These, also hand painted, are $100 here.

21. Support yourself with this subtle sports bra.

$15, here.

22. Pin moons to your collar.

$25, here.

23. And Saturn in your hair.

This vintage clip is $10, here.

24. Cozy up in this celestial hoodie.

25. Cover your nails in star nurseries.

This set of nail wraps is $21.15, here.

26. Carry a custom nebula necklace with you everywhere you go.

This necklace is $21, here.

27. Glow along with your favorite stars in these glow in the dark underwear.

The men's pair is $22.40 here, and the women's pair is $14.40 here.

28. Doze in the ultimate blackness between worlds.

This sleep mask is $15 here.

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