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28 Impossibly Cute Ways To Cover Your Body In Outer Space

Far out, man.

1. Wrap yourself in the night sky.

2. Tie the constellations around your neck.

3. Carry the nebula with you everywhere you go.

4. Deck out your earlobes with nebulas.

5. Spend yoga class kneeling on ringed planets.

6. Keep time with the constellations.

7. Go swimming on the moon.

8. Or hide away from the world in them.

9. Show your space pride with a Space Ranger temporary tattoo.

10. Wear the solar system on your wrist.

11. Put planets on your feet.

12. Warm your arms with infinite stars.

13. Let your necklace wax and wane.

This is $48, here.

14. Skirt a supernova.

$34.99, here.

15. Protect your table from the heat of nuclear fusion* with these pot holders.

16. Cover your skin in constellations.

17. Wear a reminder of how big our universe is.

18. Don Ursa Major on your days off.

19. Stroll through a million suns.

20. (No matter what mood you're in).

21. Support yourself with this subtle sports bra.

22. Pin moons to your collar.

23. And Saturn in your hair.

24. Cozy up in this celestial hoodie.

25. Cover your nails in star nurseries.

26. Carry a custom nebula necklace with you everywhere you go.

27. Glow along with your favorite stars in these glow in the dark underwear.

The men's pair is $22.40 here, and the women's pair is $14.40 here.

28. Doze in the ultimate blackness between worlds.

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