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    32 Products That'll Make Gardeners Say "I Never Knew I Needed This!"

    Happy planting!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A programmable timer that transforms your hose and sprinkler into a ~sprinkler system~: you just press a few buttons to tell it when to water, how long to water, and how often to repeat.

    Setup is very straightforward: you simply screw it onto your faucet (or, as shown in the picture, a faucet splitter), then screw in your hose and run out your sprinkler. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to program, either. It does require two AA batteries, but reviewers say those last for a *very* long time. It also has rain delay and manual watering options.

    Promising review: "These things are awesome. I have several hooked up to my well and use them to control drip lines to a privacy hedge, a trellis, and several sprinklers. Extremely easy to program. The range of settings brings a large amount of versatility. I have one that's connected to a sprinkler I'm using to reseed a bare lawn spot run for 2 minutes every 2 hours. I've been running it for 2 months and it's still reading full battery. I have them in locations where they get wet and have had no problems with the seal. I have 5 and have had no problems so far." β€”Rebecca A Selgrade

    Get it on Amazon for $23.99.

    2. A quick-to-install drip irrigation system so you can kick back, chill out, and just plain enjoy your garden instead of constantly watering.

    It connects directly to your outdoor faucet or to your programmable timer, if you have one; and you can adjust each mini-sprinkler manually so every plant gets the amount of water it needs.

    Promising review: "Works like a charm! I have this system in my garden, watering nine tomatoes and several types of squash. It comes with everything you need, and plenty of parts. I could triple my garden size, and still have leftover water line and emitters. Very worth the money, as all I have to do is hook up my hose and walk away. No more walking around, watering one plant at a time."Β β€”Christina

    Get it on Amazon for $23.99 (62 pieces).

    3. Or a soaker hose you can run through your beds and along your rows of veggies to keep them hydrated all season long.

    You can also bury it under mulch, if you're worried about it being an eyesore.

    Promising review: "I installed this around my fruit trees and hooked it to a hose timer so when we go on vacation they will get their daily watering. It has a nice steady drip and so far the fruit trees are thriving. We live in the desert SW and when it's over 100 daily they need a good soak. I buried the hose just under the surface and mulched with rock to keep it shaded so that it will last longer. So far it is working great!" β€”b4dawn

    Get it on Amazon for $8.99–$22.99, depending on the length you need (25-, 50-, or 75-foot available).

    4. A chemical-free miracle weeder that doesn't require bending down to pull up those rogue dandelions sprouting between your rows of squash.

    Unless you want to harvest and eat the dandelion greens, I guess. Or like getting your hands dirty, which is totally acceptable. Made with a bamboo handle and powder-coated steel, it uses a simple lever system to made weeding easy.

    Promising review: "Oh my god, I friggin' love this tool. I bought this on a whim given we bought our first house and know nothing about caring for a yard. Boy has it come in handy. Our new house had a ton of weeds in the front yard and this tool helped me get most of them out in no time. In fact, the process of yanking out the weed was strangely satisfying! I don't think anyone can say that weeding is fun but this tool made it as close to fun as you can get, especially when you see a long root along with the weed you pulled." β€”JG

    Get it on Amazon for $29.95.

    5. And a hand-weeder if you need to tackle the pesky ones growing right up next to your row of carrots.

    You simply lodge it down under the weed, then push on the ergonomic handle β€” leveraging against it's curved edge β€” to bring it right on up, roots and all.

    Promising review: "In 60 years of gardening, I have never been able to weed out a dandelion with taproot intact. With this lovely tool, I pretty much just stuck it down into the ground and levered back the weeder. The offending dandelion surrendered without so much as a whimper. The 'baby's got back' curve of the tool gives the weeder some real leverage, which seems to make all the difference." β€”Laura Wilfong

    Get it on Amazon for $10.04.

    6. Plus while we're on the subject of weeds: the Weed Snatcher, a specialty tool that makes digging out the dandelions sprouting in your sidewalk, driveway, or patio a cinch.

    The Grommet

    I guess it's not ~technically~ a gardening product, but still v. useful! It has an adjustable telescoping handle so you don't have to bend over, and two interchangeable weed hooks, one made for sidewalks and driveways, the other for porches and patios.

    Promising review: "Weeding the cracks in my driveway usually takes about 2 hours, and ends in chipped fingernails and scraped knuckles. I ordered this item as a present to myself, and I am so happy I did! It is so fast and easy to use, and I love that it comes with two different attachments! If you hate weeding the cracks in your driveway every 2 weeks like I do, this tool is a must!!" β€”Kristin

    Get it from the Grommet for $35.95.

    7. A Seeding Square kit, which makes applying the Square Foot Gardening method (and generally just evenly spacing your seeds or plants) quick and straightforward.

    The Square Foot Gardening Method helps you grow more in less space, and minimizes weeds (partly by making them very easy to spot). There's an entire book on it, which you can get for $13.95. This makes planting that garden a cinch, because the color-coded system help you space everything just so, and the measuring stick (called a dibbler!) instantly makes holes that are precisely 1–4 inches deep.

    Promising review: "Love this thing! I have been gardening for a while and this takes all of the guess work out of spacing. I used this for the first time this Spring using the planting chart/guide and it has worked out perfectly. I have had little to no weeds (I mean come on, you're gonna get some weeds). Planting per the Seed Square will for the most part choke out the weeds, while promoting growth for the plants. I even used this to plant growing plants and not just seeds. Just put the square on the ground used the stick to mark the spot and dug a hole where it was marked. Simple enough. Would highly recommend. Super easy!" β€”Jennifer Geisel

    Get it on Amazon for $25.95.

    8. A raised, irrigated porch garden that you can basically guarantee veggies, herbs, or flowers from whether you keep it on your home's patio or set it out on your apartment's balcony.

    Home Depot

    It has a built-in irrigation system that holds water in the bottom of the planter, though many reviewers say they just water it more like they would any other plants in a container.

    Promising review: "Very easy to assemble. It is unclear to me if/how the water indicator works since it hasn’t changed position at all but I’m capable of checking the status myself without relying on the indicator. I give this five stars because it is durable, does the job I need it to, fits the space perfectly, and looks nice too. Worth the money if you don’t want to break your back gardening and/or want a nice looking planter/garden on your patio." β€”Ayaw22

    Get it from The Home Depot for $119+ (two colors).

    9. Some sleek slate row labels β€” they'll proudly proclaim which plant in your garden is which.

    They come with solid metal stakes that are just as durable as the slate. Write on it with an oil-based paint marker ($5.31) β€” and if you want to reuse them next year, but for different plants, you could probably remove the paint marker with some rubbing alcohol.

    Promising review: "These stakes are truly beautiful, and very well made. It seems like they might be made in Germany. Immediately when you open them you see that they're crafted with care. The stakes are very sturdy. They are absolutely beautiful and worth it. My roses look distinguished now!" β€”Sun Waker

    Get them on Amazon, $29.95 for a set of 10.

    10. Or 10-inch copper ones because they stand out elegantly, no matter how you decide to label them.,

    One reviewer stamped and weathered them, another used a label maker, while still another printed on window decals. Or you can do the easy thing and use a paint marker, like the reviewer below.

    Promising review: "LOVE these copper plant labels. they were VERY easy to use and label, and look very attractive. I used a black fine-tip paint marker to write on them, let the ink dry for a minute or two, and it was PERFECT! The labels are curled around the posts and are very sturdy. They ARE real copper, so be warned, if you get your finger prints on them, your finger prints WILL corrode the metal! After you get them printed, put some clear coat over it to seal and protect it." β€”Jeanine S

    Get a pack of 25 on Amazon for $19.95.

    11. A silvery baby elephant watering pail who will cheerily help you keep your container garden in tip-top shape.

    Promising review: "This Elephant watering can is so unique! It was much bigger than I imagined it to be for the price. The plastic itself is nothing amazing, and the mold has a few marks and imperfections on it, but that does not stop it from being an awesome watering can!" β€”Christine M. Chenique

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    12. But if you don't like refilling a pail over and over, a handy nozzle for your hose with seven different settings that can gently shower your plants and blast dirt off your car's wheels.

    It has a trigger lock so you can just set it and use it without holding it down the entire time, and its all-metal body's coated with rubber so it's actually comfortable to hold no matter how many containers you have to water.

    Promising review: "Best nozzle I've ever purchased. It's beefy and solid, has great stream and spray options, and I highly doubt it will break anytime soon. No leaks to speak of. I even had to sort of toss it across the rocks underneath our RV to get it from one side to the other, and while I don't recommend abuse like this, there wasn't a mark on it. And I love that there aren't any little plastic parts (like on the nozzle lock) to break." β€”Lori B.

    Get it on Amazon for $10.53.

    13. Or a 24-inch-long brass ~watering lance~ to make it easy to reach deep into rows of fully-grown plants.

    Get it from Terrain for $88 or Amazon for $72.20.

    14. A no-batteries-required meter that'll report on your soil's moisture levels, letting you know instantly if your container garden (or houseplant!) needs a drink.

    Of course, you'll probably be able to tell when it's "wet", but sometimes its hard to know if the soil beneath the top layer's actually moist or completely dried out, especially with bigger pots.

    Promising review: "Wow, bought this thing on a whim, since I was hearing that my potted plants were too watered, and before they were too dry! Anyhow, I had no idea what was going on with these plants until this device showed up. One of the plants uses water quickly and needs more. One is way more wet than I can tell from the top. One goes from too wet for a couple of weeks to suddenly dry. Another plant doesn't even need much. Overall, an essential tool!" β€”Matt88

    Get it on Amazon for $8.06.

    15. A minimalist gardening knife (aka a hori hori) so you can tackle almost any task, whether you're weeding, digging, pruning, measuring, or harvesting.

    Promising review: "Although the blade is no where near razor sharp it does extremely well at sliding into stubborn root systems. You can then pop the weed right out of the ground. The serrated side's great for cutting away thicker wood roots. This knife also does a decent job at chopping up old dead plants pulled from pots left out all winter long. I feel that this knife has been abused far more than any other knife I own, but the metal and wood work hold up well." β€”Chastin L

    Get it on Amazon for $21.95 β€” it includes the knife, sheath, and a sharpening tool.

    16. A modular garden bed kit made completely out of recycled, food-grade plastic that instantly snaps together into the perfect 22x22-inch raised box.

    The Grommet

    Promising review: "I ordered two sets that snapped into a raised bed in a flash. A tap or three with a rubber mallet and it was done. Works best to assemble on a flat surface and carry to a prepared spot. You can also use the boxes as weed barriers! How clever is that? I was so pleased I ordered two more sets for myself." β€”Janice

    Get it from The Grommet for $69.95 (available in solid terracotta or multicolor).

    17. A pair of socks perfect for a leisurely Saturday afternoon spent tending all your favorite green and growing things.

    Okay so they're not like, gardening tools, but a good pair of socks is always useful in my book!

    Promising reviews: "Ankle socks are just as pictured and cute as ever! Perfect statement for a passionate gal of gardening!" β€”Joey B

    "I got these socks for my dad for Father's Day. He loves plants and I thought he would like these socks. I was wrong...he loves theses socks!!" β€”Rebecca Hunnicutt

    Get them on Amazon for $10.99.

    18. A pair of mini pruners that'll make quick and precise work of snipping off deadheads, so your flowering bushes and vines bloom and bloom and bloom.

    Promising review: "These pruners are a fantastic value for the price. I have a pretty extensive terrace garden, and these pruners are perfect for everything from deadheading faded flowers to snipping stems and overeager morning glory vines. The pruners hold up very well, and they have a surprising degree of cutting power given their relatively small size. After two growing seasons of heavy use, they're functioning as well as they did the first time I used them. The edges have retained their sharp, hard quality." β€”JKI

    Get them on Amazon: $9.69 for the uncoated blades, or $13.99 for the non-stick blades.

    19. Or a pair of ergonomic heavier-duty pruners because they might actually last you for years, no matter how often you use them.

    As long as you clean and take care of them, but that's not too hard. And if they do eventually break, you can actually order new parts for them.

    Promising review: "Right out of the box, I was in love with these pruners! So sharp! So comfortable in my hand! With these, I pruned for hours without getting tired. Well, it's now 10 years later and I still love my Felco pruners. We live on five wooded acres and I use my them for everything that can fit inside the cutting mechanism. I've never sharpened them. I left them in the rain once, but steel wool and oil restored the spring. The blade has a few small dings as a result of my tendency to tackle oversized branches. After 10 years of heavy use and not a little neglect, my pruners deserve some sprucing up, which is what brought me to shop Felco items today." β€”J Williamson

    Get them on Amazon, $56.15 for the regular size. If you have smaller hands, you can get similar ones that'll be more comfortable for $53.64.

    20. A pair of gloves to protect your hands *without* making you s-w-e-a-t more in the summer heat, because they're made from breathable bamboo.

    Promising review: "Snug fit, very dextrous. I feel very protected from wet soil and yard debris (probably not thornsβ€”haven't pushed it). I really love these gloves for gardening and even for light construction, like sanding wood. Grip's really good and helps me get my hands dirty when I don't really feel like it. No need for a nail brush after gardening with these gloves." β€”Delayed Gratification

    Get them on Amazon for $9.97 (available in sizes small-XXL; many reviewers report that the gloves run small, so you may want to order a size or two up).

    21. Or a pair of longer rose gauntlet gloves so you can shield your hands and arms from prickly thorns, whether you're pruning bushes or plucking blooms for a vase.

    They're made of goatskin with a little bit of suede, which is what provides all that protection.

    Promising review: "I bought these to use for trail clearing in Arizona, where every plant is festooned with spikes and ready to shred lesser gloves. When doing battle with fearsome brush, especially Cat Claw, these gloves did the job. The glove protected my hands when picking up cuttings. The forearm part protected my arms when reaching deep inside a murderous needle-equipped Death Bush. You aren't going to win a punching contest with a saguaro, but for normal garden work, and even careful trail trimming, these are awesome." β€”uke

    Get them on Amazon for $25.79 (sizes XS-XL, four colors. Or check out a non-leather option if you prefer, $16.59+ on Amazon).

    22. A padded kneeler that flips upside-down into a sturdy seat so you can get down and dirty with your favorite plants despite any back or knee pain.

    Promising review: "This garden seat is sturdy but not too heavy for me to carry around. It folds up easily and compactly, and unfolds quickly and easily too. I've used it for both kneeling and sitting. If you're kneeling on it, the pad is raised a bit and not sitting on muddy ground, so when you flip it over to sit, you have a clean seat. When it's used for kneeling, the supports are nice and sturdy so I can use them to help me stand up. I'm very pleased with it, and I'd recommend it to anyone with old bones β€” or any age bones for that matter!" β€”NHammer

    Get it on Amazon for $34.99.

    23. Or a simple memory foam kneeling pad if you'd rather just tote around something smaller.

    Promising review: "I've been claiming to be 26 years old for about a dozen years now. My mind may be 26 but my knees are definitely 38. Kneeling to tend gardens, plant flowers and pull weeds can be hard but the Kneelo makes it much more comfortable. Beyond the wonderful cushioning between my knees and the hard ground, it also keeps me from having damp or dirty marks on my knees or pants. My teenager laughed at me for buying a kneeling pad but I've even caught him using it because, as he said, 'it's just so comfortable, Mom!'" β€”Rural Girl

    Get it from Gardeners Supply Co. for $34.95 (four colors). Or from Amazon: in purple for $31.05 or lime green for $36.73.

    24. And if you're up and down enough that even carrying a kneeling pad's kind of annoying: a pair of super soft kneepads you can adjust for the perfect fit.

    The Grommet

    Promising reviews: "The best! They really do the trick and they feel great on!" β€”Annie

    "Comfy for knees/shins! Nice and well-made. I use them more to protect my shins when on a ladder. Nice that these are adjustable size-wise with Velcro straps." β€”Jeff

    Get a pair on The Grommet for $22 (two colors).

    25. A durable PVC potting bench that'll keep all of your favorite tools and potting supplies handy so it's never a hassle to repot a plant that needs it.

    It comes with a 20-year warranty because it's just that rugged against sun, rain, show, and heat damage.

    Promising review: "This was a replacement for a wood potting bench I bought a few years ago. The old bench was never as sturdy as this one and required much more maintenance to prevent the wood from rotting. Not only is this bench quite nice looking, it is incredibly sturdy and I love how quick and easy it was to assemble using an electric drill. I especially like the easy clean up β€” just hose it all off and you're done! I like the height, too – much easier on old backs!" –S. Jones

    Get it on Amazon for $122.14 (or in beige for $164.69).

    26. A handy storage apron β€” it will keep all your tools (and your phone) out of the way but still close at hand, as you tend row after row of your perfect lettuce crop.,

    Promising review: "This is a great product for any gardener or anyone working that needs somewhere for all the tools to go! Very well made, protects clothes, leaves you hands-free, and a place for your cell phone. I personally am thrilled!" β€”Penny Christian

    Get it on Amazon for $11.89.

    27. A little wooden house because any good garden needs pollinators, and this attracts gentle mason bees, who are more than happy to oblige.

    Learn more about mason bees and their houses from The Honeybee Conservancy and Bee Built.

    Promising reviews: "The mason bees really seem to love this house; they're at it constantly! I'm switching to using this type of house with the disposable inserts. I didn't know before that the blocks with the drilled holes are NOT the best homes for these bees, since they accumulate debris and mites. This was easy to mount under an eave of my house, and I expect to be using it for many years to come. Recommended." β€”NortheastGal

    "Despite not having a way to attach it to anything, I super glued it to the top of a post and waited about a month and got my first hive. Super glad. The wood is solid and heavier than I expected. It appears to be good quality and hardy enough to withstand a new England winter." β€”MassRes

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (and refill tubes for the next year for $9.99).

    28. Supportive, waterproof clogs that you can easily slip on whenever you want to wander or work in your garden.

    They'll also rinse off easily when they inevitably get muddy or dirty.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these gardening clogs! They are very well made, comfortable, sturdy, and they look great! They fit exactly as expected and are perfect to slip on and off when I want to walk up to my garden." β€”Rachel A.

    Get them from Amazon for $26.35+ (sizes 6-11, 24 different colors/patterns).

    29. A wall gardening system for growing your own outdoor green wall art.

    Based on the photos and some of the reviews, it seems like all you have to do to water them is hook one side up to the hose.

    Promising review: "Where have these been all my life?! I have always grown herbs and had a garden the traditional way (in pots or in a garden bed). I love these because my husband and I travel a lot, so we're able to hook these babies up to a water source and timer...and voila!!!! Plants are stayin' alive! I bought 3 panels, but am going to order more and do a whole wall of the house." β€”Yee Jensen

    Get an eight-pot section from Amazon for $49.99 (the photo shows three sections).

    30. An adjustable rake with a telescoping handle that will probably be the only rake you ever need.

    Promising review: "Cool rake! Wish I knew about this sooner. I have over 150 hostas in my garden and the narrow setting gets in between the plants with no problem. I'm a senior with bad knees so this makes life so much easier. Very sturdy and well-made. Great investment." β€”Sue

    Get it on Amazon for $35.88.

    31. A gardening wagon / dump cart that'll cheerfully tote all your new flowers around, then help you move heavy bags of mulch and soil right where they need to be, no problem.

    It has a 600-pound capacity, although that goes down to 200 when you use the dumping mechanism.

    Promising review: "Awesome quality. Frame is solid and sturdy. Handle is perfect length, and easily maneuverable. Tires handle ruts, sand, bumps, and gravel. Pivots on a dime! Dumping action is very helpful. Love love love! I'm recommending it to everyone I know that has a garden or works in their yard." β€”Matthew Stewart

    Get it from Amazon for $81, or a similar Gorilla dump wagon in grey for $90.94.

    32. And...a gnomezilla sure to bring a smile to your face every time you encounter him.

    Promising reviews: "I am a fan of Godzilla. I am not a fan of gnomes. This little garden sculpture is a win/win for me! Gardenzilla is well made and expertly painted. I'm very pleased. Gnomes beware!" β€”Mahala Marshall Rood

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    Here's a roundup that's *just* quirky yard decorations, if you're into that.

    Now go enjoy your garden, no matter how big or small!

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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