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    28 Clever Camping Tricks That Are Actually Useful

    When's *your* next camping adventure?

    1. Make a quick fire starter by filling a recycled-cardboard egg carton with match-light charcoal.

    2. Or just use a few Doritos (mixed with dried leaves) — they burn longer than the leaves, making it easier for kindling to actually catch.

    3. Store your strike-anywhere matches in a small mason jar topped with a round of sandpaper.

    4. Use a pop-up hamper as the perfect campsite trash can: it takes up basically no space when packed, and expands with no effort.

    5. Burn a bundle of sage on the edge of your campfire to help repel mosquitos and other bugs.

    6. Cover your tent floor with foam tiles so you don't feel every little stick or rock that's poking up from underneath.

    7. Zip two sleeping bags together for extra warmth and cuddles: even if your bags are slightly different brands and sizes, it should still work.

    8. Stick a bar of soap in the leg of some old panty hose, secure it to a water jug, and use the contraption for an easy, refillable hand-washing station.

    9. Repurpose a weekly pill organizer into an inexpensive packable spice rack.

    10. Pre-crack your eggs into a bottle, so day-of all you have to do is shake 'em up to scramble, then pour them into your pan.

    11. Roast Starbursts over your campfire so the insides are extra gooey and the outside is a little caramelized.

    12. Pre-mix your pancake batter, and pack it in pastry bags or even an empty, washed ketchup bottle.

    13. Or fill the bags with your favorite muffin batter, and bake them inside of orange peels.

    14. Send the kids on a scavenger hunt, and write the items on the outside of a paper bag, so they can collect them as they go.

    15. Keep all your camp kitchen items in order with a pocket shoe organizer.

    16. Or you can go all-out to turn the back of one car (assuming you have multiples!) into an incredibly well-stocked camp pantry using sets of plastic drawers.

    17. And if you're worried about bugs, hang up an oversized mosquito net to easily keep them out.

    18. You can also drape mosquito netting around an outdoor canopy so you can eat at a picnic table without being accosted by flies.

    19. Try ~walking tacos~ for dinner one night: all it takes is a few small bags of fritos, some taco meat, and whatever toppings your heart desires.

    20. Set up solar-powered lamps around camp so you can actually see where you're going after it gets dark.

    21. Hang battery-powered fairy lights in your tent to create a soft, warm glow.

    22. Strap your headlamp to your water bottle to make a cozy glowing lantern.

    23. Pack your cooler in cake/onion/parfait-like ~layers~, starting at the bottom with big jugs of frozen water.

    24. Use Command Strips to attach a ziplock bag to the inside of your cooler's lid, and fill it with small essentials.

    25. And if you really want to keep your cooler as cold as possible, cover it with an extra layer of DIY reflective insulation.

    26. Tie six pieces of pre-split wood together to make a Swedish Fire Torch when it's too wet outside to get a regular fire going.

    27. If your tent or sleeping bag's zippers are sticking, rub the edge of a candle on them to make 'em good as new.

    28. Cut sections of pool noodles to make tent lines more visible, so people stop tripping over 'em.

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