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    35 Under-$20 Gift Exchange Gifts Anyone Would Love To Receive

    'Tis the season, y'all!

    1. A set of two dino tea infusers plus a tea sampler box to strike the perfect balance between cute and sophisticated.

    2. The Bob's Burgers Burger Book, which will appeal to both fans of the show AND anyone who loves burgers...which in my experience, is most people. (Will also appeal to pun-lovers, but that's...not most people.)

    3. A sloth mug so cute I dare anyone to say one bad thing about it — the sloth literally *hugs* whatever beverage they're entrusted with to keep it nice and warm.

    4. A 100 movies scratch-off poster that turns the regular old Friday night "oh, let's just stay in and watch a movie" into a journey to be accomplished.

    5. A set of four mini donut soaps and six french fry soaps — they look so realistic you'll just might have to remind people not to try and take a bite.

    6. A luxe minis gift set any beauty-lovers in the group are basically guaranteed to want.

    7. An artsy pack of dog playing cards with an original illustration on each and every card, for those after-dinner poker games that have more bark than bite.

    8. A couch coaster-meets-cupholder to enable the laziest weekend afternoons, because they won't even have to reach over to the coffee or side table to enjoy another sip.

    9. A little screaming goat who's fairly straightforward — simply press on him, and he lets out a bleaty yell basically guaranteed to make your coworkers laugh.

    10. A box full of ten of the bestselling British candy bars, for a sweet little taste of life across the pond.

    11. A set of ten hydrating face masks perfect for post-holiday de-stressing, especially when paired with a hot bath and a $9 bottle of wine (or a re-gifted mug for their cup of tea!)

    12. Or a set of 10 tennis-ball-sized bath bombs that'll let whoever ends up winning them spend many relaxing hours fizzing the evening away, all while moisturizing their skin.

    13. A super-functional multitool decked out in all the colors of the rainbow for something both beautiful and practical.

    14. A moon lamp sure to enchant all ages — especially if you demonstrate its glow in the moment. Dim the overhead lights, then ask whoever unwraps it to turn it on.

    15. A Disney notebook designed to look like one of the iconic VHS tapes so many people watched over and over as kids.

    16. A pair of socks and six boxes of Bertie Botts guaranteed to go fast in any room with at least one Harry Potter fan.

    17. Or a cozy tapestry blanket emblazoned with the crest of Godric Gryffindor, perfect for snuggling under for yet another re-read.

    18. A pair of oven mitts that make pulling hot dishes out of the oven completely bear-able.

    19. A bathroom guest book because the best parts of any gift exchange are the moments when every single person's laughing, and this most definitely will make that happen.

    20. A rechargeable LED ring light that clips right on your smartphone to upgrade selfies, food photos, and any other pics you take close-up.

    21. A fuzzy grey throw blanket so incredibly soft everyone who touches is it will say "oooh" and "ahhh" and then immediately want it for themselves.

    22. A set of four Polaroid-frame coasters they'll be able to customize with their favorite photos. It's the gifting triple-whammy: decorative, functional, and personal.

    23. A pair of taco socks and a taco enamel pin (on a cute card!) because tacos are the best kind of food, don't even try and argue with me.

    24. A party game that can be the next activity once you finish the gift exchange: reviewers say it's easy to learn, takes *maximum* 15 minutes to play (and usually 5-10), and most importantly is loads of fun!

    25. A sequin pillow cover (and insert) with an irresistible sparkly pull — whoever's holding onto it will find it impossible not to draw on it, which will lure the next person to steal it away.

    26. A motivational (and ~aesthetically pleasing~) notepad and pack of four pencils for those folks who always like to take the New Year by the reigns.

    27. A pair of hedgehog or pufferfish dryer buddies so adorable everybody will want to bring their cuteness home.

    28. A trio of hand-poured coconut wax votive candles that instantly make pretty much anybody's bathroom or bedroom feel a little more luxe.

    29. Or a bacon and bourbon soy candle — it comes in under budget, so you can *also* include a full pound of bacon to go along with it for extra laughs (and deliciousness).

    30. An on-the-go french press travel mug every coffee snob/lover in the room will instantly gravitate toward, because it makes drinking delicious coffee incredibly simple.

    31. A drill brush set that makes it incredibly easy to clean up grime from grout, stoves, bathtubs, car rims, and anything that would otherwise require limitless elbow grease.

    32. A set of woodland creatures bag clips you can pair with a few bags of favorite snacks for something both tasty and "aww!"-worthy.

    33. A coloring book packed with a million dogs or a million cats that is sure to get very meow-rry reception, whichever one you choose.

    34. A Golden Girls chia pet perfect for those who can't stop binge-watching the series now that it's streaming.

    35. An Amazon gift card for $20 — literally every person loves money they get to decide how to spend.

    Because sometimes *giving* gifts is just as fun as receiving them!