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    19 Times The Internet Was Completely Right About Being A Teacher

    Me Friday morning: TGIF! Me Friday night: Jeez this weekend needs to slow down.

    1. This rollercoaster of emotions you ride every Friday:

    Me Fri. morning:TGIF! 🙏 Me Fri.@lunch:Today is sooo long!😑 Me Fri. night:Jeez this weekend needs to slow down! 🙃 #everytime #teacherprobs

    2. And this situation you're in every Sunday night:

    @my. teacher. insta /

    3. This perfectly reasonable reaction to a pile of grading:

    Faced with a stack of papers to grade, I have actually said the words, "Huh, the litterboxes haven't been deep cleaned in a while."

    4. And this one:

    I'm over here grading papers like "okay this says Ms Williams on it... I guess that's me... how did I get here... how am I grading these.."

    5. This problem with setting up your classroom by yourself:

    Honestly I'm surprised we don't see more "teacher dies trying to move giant bookshelf by herself on first day of school" news articles

    6. This teacher's genius prank:

    #beclear T: "do you want a small or big assignment?" Ss: "small!!" #teacherhumor #sameassignment

    7. This truth about the weeks when all of your classes seem to be sneezing:

    8. This accurate description of visiting the Target dollar aisle:

    There needs to be a "Buying Target Teaching Supplies Support Group" #teacherhumor #teacherproblems #teaching…

    9. This student behavior that you just can't get away from:

    When my 3rd graders were introduced to our new salad bar they were asked what they should do if they sneeze. They a…

    10. Okay, maybe for the sake of hygiene, it's good to embrace it:

    11. This sign you should print out and hang on your classroom door:

    12. This tee that understands what makes you tick:

    What's the secret ingredient to teachers?... Coffee, tons of coffee! 😎 #SundayFeels #Coffee #Teacherhumor

    It's available on Etsy starting at $16.99.

    13. And this comic that understands how coffee makes you feel...and how it makes you crash.

    comix4theteacher /

    14. This advice for the next time the copier's on the fritz:

    15. This natural reaction you have to writing weekly lesson plans:

    16. This face that you make basically every night:

    17. This face that you make when a student asks a question you just answered:

    Every. Single. Day. @HSTeachrProbs @HSTeachProbs

    18. This errand, because despite it all, you're willing to go any distance to help your students actually learn:

    You know you're a #teacher when... You have a trunk full of empty #pizza boxes for a #math lesson on #fractions. Th…

    19. This accurate description of that heavy bag you carry:

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