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Hey Teachers, What Tips And Tricks Do You Totally Swear By?

Reveal your secrets, please!

Hey teachers! We want to know: what tips and tricks of the trade do you totally swear by that make your life easier?

It could be a classroom management technique that drastically cuts down on disruptions, like instituting a "phone prison" for students who pull out their devices.

Or perhaps it's a specific bulletin board idea, like creating a designated spot for you to hang nameless papers for students to find.

It could be an organization tip that's helped you and/or your students stay SO much more on top of things, like using the Remind app to send links to assignments and messages.

Maybe you've made the effort to practice more specific positive reinforcement by saying things like "you two are working so well together" or "that's awesome, what helped you come to that conclusion?" — and seen it genuinely pay off.

Or maybe you've somehow found the true secret to maintaining a healthy work / life balance where you don't end up spending too much time at home grading (or... at least something that's helped).

Or maybe you have another teaching tip or trick entirely!

We want to know about it! Tell us a little bit about what your most useful tip or trick is, and don't forget to mention what grade you teach! Want bonus points? Upload a photo of your tip via the drop box below! You and your tip could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.