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    I Put My Bras In A Salad Spinner And You Should Too

    Hack your fancy bra hand-wash.

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    Did you know that APPARENTLY you're supposed to wash your bras every 3 to 5 wears???

    And while there are tons of right and wrong ways to wash a bra — one of the easiest ways, IMHO, is putting them in the washer in a lingerie bag or reinforced bra bag — some of the ~fancier~ bras are hard to care for and annoying to dry.

    Enter: the mighty salad spinner!

    In an effort to be a less gross person, I had to try it out for myself — here's how I do it!

    Add bras + a little bit of soap + just enough water to cover your bras. And spin kinda slowly.

    Then pour out the soapy water, add fresh water to rinse. Spin again. Pour out. Repeat the rinse if you'd like, or if you still see soap. Then my favorite part...

    Spin it *without* water to help dry the bras part of the way! Do this 2-3 times, emptying the water each time, so your bras don't drip water as they finish drying.

    Then just let your damp, not-drippy bras finish drying according to their care instructions, and they'll be ready to wear again in no time.

    And FYI, while I use my manual spinner for this hack — which still works great! — you'd probably get more water out in the final step with the push-to-spin type.

    Do you have any laundry hacks you love? Share them with me in the comments!

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