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    31 Products That'll Make Your Car Cleaner And More Organized Than It's Ever Been

    Smart things to keep your car sparkling and neat.

    1. A no-rinse carpet spot remover that banishes even old, set-in car upholstery stains once and for all.

    2. Some silicone baking cups to catch all those impossible bits of crumbs and dirt that somehow always end up in the bottom of your cupholders. When the cups get grimy, all you have to do is pop 'em in the dishwasher.

    3. Or a cup holder expander, if all you really need is to fit your bigger coffee mugs and water bottles snugly in so they don't go flying willy-nilly.

    4. A clay bar kit that will extract all the sand, dirt, salt, and other grit embedded in your paint — a regular wash won't touch this stuff — so your car truly shines bright like a diamond.

    5. A mini expanding file to keep your maintenance and inspection history, insurance information, registration, and user manuals organized and easy to access in your glove compartment.

    6. A pair of headrest hooks — they'll stop your purse or shopping bags from dumping out all their contents when you have to make a sharp turn.

    7. A seat-gap filler designed to neatly slide in that pesky two-inches car manufacturers certainly put there just to tempt your phone, spare chage, and snacks away from you.

    8. A waterproof and slip-resistant dog seat cover so your backseat upholstery stays clean and dry even after a long hike through streams and mud — or just some rambunctious playtime in the dog park.

    9. A set of two extra-soft detail brushes perfect for extracting crumbs and crud from the seams between the seat covers, so your entire car looks basically brand new.

    10. A near-universal phone holder that makes it super simple to change songs, know when someone's calling you, and generally keep an eye on what's happening.

    11. A pair of kick mats to protect the back of your seats from smears of grass, dirt, and other grime that excited little feet mysteriously accumulated in the five seconds between the backdoor and the car.

    12. A Velcro storage wall that fits snugly against one side of your sedan's trunk, so you can corral all the random things rolling around in there.

    13. A leather cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove stains and discoloration and soften cracks and dry spots, so you *and* your car can remember how it looked (and felt and smelled) the day it rolled off the lot.

    14. An expanding trunk organizer so you can store all your regular items most of the time, then open it up when you want to stash even more stuff temporarily.

    15. Or a bigger mesh organizer to stretch across the back of your SUV / van / truck to finally put a stop to all those bags tipping over and spilling their contents when you make a right turn.

    16. A stretched mesh organizer you can use as a seat divider to store anything you want to keep in easy reach — or just to keep your pup from staging an invasion of the driver's seat.

    17. An entertainment center/organizer with an iPad slot — every trip you take from here on out, whether it's 10 minutes to the grocery store or five hours to grandma's house, will be wayyy less messy and loud.

    18. A small wet/dry vacuum with attachments galore so you can suck up all the trampled Goldfish crackers, tracked-in dirt, and even even small liquid spills without batting an eye.

    19. Or a mini-vacuum that plugs directly into your car's outlet, making it easy to quickly clean up small messes on-the-go.

    20. A microfiber detail duster that's compact enough to fit right in your glovebox, making it extra easy to brush away any bits of dust the moment you notice them clinging to the dash.

    21. A bumper-sticker remover — it attaches to your drill so you can quickly and easily remove even ancient decals from your bumper, trunk, and windshield.

    22. A replacement air filter because 1) your current one might be the culprit in your "why does my car always smell a little funky" caper and 2) a maintenance place or dealer might charge you $30+ to replace it, when you can do it yourself for around $10.

    23. A headlight restoration kit — you'll be truly amazed at the mega transformation you'll create with your own hands in just the space of an afternoon.

    24. A silicone brush to extract every last bit of pet hair that's slowly embedded itself in your upholstery and carpets over the years.

    25. A small trash can with two standout features: a strap to hook it in your cupholders, over your center console, or wherever you want to secure it; and a couple little "buttons" designed to actually hold a garbage bag in place.

    26. A power scrubber that spins up to 60 times per second, which is the perfect speed for busting up all that caked-on road grime basically embedded in your rims.

    27. A bug remover because sometimes you can't help that you drove through a cloud of 'em, and lots of dead bugs = very bad for your paint.

    28. A caddy designed to fit snugly in your cupholder so it can expand to be more than just, well, just a cupholder: you'll always have exactly what you need right at hand.

    29. Or a bigger non-slip caddy because you basically never have anyone your passenger seat, and your tiny car could really use a little bit more storage space.

    30. A ten-piece detailing kit with pretty much all the bells and whistles you need to spend some quality time shining up your beloved ride.

    31. And a "waterless" washing kit that's great to shine up your car's exterior in-between regular washes, and that some reviewers say can substitute for a wash entirely.

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